Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Item of clothing 11:365

One of the things I have always treated myself to, is a new scarf and glove set for the winter. I have various combinations now- but still have a nice new snuggly one every year. This year I've been greedy and had a similar set in the gold/mustard colour aswell. But this dusky pink set is lovely to snuggle into every morning on the school run. My dd went out without her gloves yesterday and I had to make the ultimate sacrifice and let her borrow my leather gloves for the day. Being as though I have to buy her gloves in sets of about 6 matching ones to last the season losses it was very good of me!!!!!!!!!!!! She's managed to stretch them a little bit- as she has larger hands than me (the rest of her is skinny as a rake- but my hands are still thin!!!!).

We are still waiting a resolution from the water board and intend to put the 'written' complaint into their system tonight. It has been escalated to the customer service manager level at Severn Trent (3 stages up apparently) and the Operations Manager at Enterprise. We have had a huge catalogue of misinformation, missed appointments, crews attending without necessary information- and following us calling them again on Sunday the crew that was supposed to turn up with a camera didn't turn up and the crew that did turn up just repeated the same investigation looking at the manhole as they did last Friday. It was originally reported on the 4th January- and we are no further forward in finding out where the problem is- let alone a resolution/repair. It's the lies and lack of communication that really gets to me. I have waited in EVERY day just incase someone turned up. My dh actually told the crew that turned up yesterday what had been done before and which way the drains run. When he's looking for a career change- he must be half way qualified by now!!!!!!


  1. Oh my, sorry to hear you're still having problems with the waterboard! Hope they take notice of your complaint! Lovely scarf and gloves - my kids are forever losing gloves too - I now just buy lots of black woolly ones so at least they will kind of match!

  2. Great photo..they look really cosy.. Sorry to hear of ongoing problems with the Water Board :( S xx

  3. Yep, you also could have used this photo for cosy. Looks fab !