Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Naughty 17:365

Well- I've been QUITE naughty today- but have chosen this photo of Holly as my main 'Naughty' culprit. I've been shopping in Birmingham today- and Holly can't resist looking through shopping bags when they come home. It's probably our fault for buying her lots of toys (her obsession!).

I have the results of yesterdays 'snack' choice- and it's obvious I took the 'naughty' option.

I was in Primark today looking for inspiration for extra pressies for the girls birthdays and they had all their winter woolies at bargain prices. For some reason they are one of MY obsessions. This morning Emma wouldn't wear her scarf and hat because they didn't match- so I bought her matching ones and also treated myself.

The bus stop I normally use has been moved whilst they carry out road repairs and it was located outside this place- which I thought might be apt for everyone being 'naughty'. I didn't take too close a look at what it actually was- might have been a bar- could have been something else!!!!


  1. My 2 dogs also like expecting bags. They managed to find (well, smell...) their Xmas presents mid of December and made a scandal because they couldn't have them.
    Our pets forgot being stupid !!!

  2. Funny how dogs do that, isn't it?!

  3. LOL! Great naughty pics ... but my fave is the Confession Box!!

  4. We shall expect some further investigation of that Confession Box!

  5. Ha ha love your naughty pics