Saturday, 14 January 2012

Walk 2/52 Birmingham City Centre Leanardo Exhibition

My dh was in Birmingham- so he met me from work at 4. We knew that the Leanardo exhibition opened yesterday- so thought we'd try to take a look before they closed. Unfortunately by the time we got there - we discovered that they closed the queue at 3.45- so all we could see was the end of the queue and the first exhibit through the door. You are allowed to take photos in parts of the museum- but I always feel like I shouldn't. It was getting too dark to capture the lovely stained glass window there- and it was getting too dark to take much around the art gallery. I did notice on the way past that a new Lush shop has opened on New Street- so that has been filed away mentally!!!!! As part of the 52 walk challenge a couple of years ago- one of the ladies had taken a photo of the walk up to the Mailbox- and although I've lived here all my life- I couldn't picture where it had been taken from- but we walked past it tonight. I don't think my photo really captured it. We also saw parts of the University buildings in the city centre- unfortunately not one that dd is considering!

So we need to go back and try to get into the exhibition. I'm at a crop tomorrow- which is why I need to include this as a walk today. I won't get the chance to go somewhere picturesque tomorrow. Unfortunately it was getting dark when I finished work and the photos look a bit grey!

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  1. Love the city atmosphere your photos give when they're all together :-)