Sunday, 29 January 2012


We've been away for a few days - so I am trying to make photos we took fit the themes!

27:365 Amazing

I think that the people who man our lifeboat stations are absolutely amazing. This is the lifeboat house at Mumbles - and today we saw the lifeboat at Porthcawl out doing a practice session.

28:365 Fluffy

My niece bought herself a really fluffy, cuddly hat and scarf and here is Holly modelling it! I couldn't resist including this one- Holly will pose for photos sporting all manner of things poor girl!

29:365 Kitchen utensil
I've had to use artistic licence here- as we've been out and about and haven't actually used any kitchen utensils. But the first photo is a delicious hot chocolate my daughter had in a delightful tea room and if you look closely- there is a spoon there which is a kitchen utensil.

We were also walking round Raglan Castle today and the kitchen utensils from that time must have been really labour intensive- the kitchen area was massive and they had a seperate pantry that was equally large!

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