Saturday, 3 November 2012


I've had to resort to another old photo for 'group'. My favourite type of group-meerkats!

Things have been hectic- dashing around getting nowhere fast.

Guy was supposed to do two college open days today. I got Emma ready before I left for work. Left the addresses and paperwork ready for them with postcodes. THey managed to miss the time on the first one- why they weren't there for 10 I have no idea. How did he think they'd fit 2 in unless they arrived when they were supposed to. then he didn't hvae a satnav with him- so they couldn't find the 2nd college.

I was so annoyed when I got back. We only have one car- the open days are on Saturdays when I have to work. I thought I'd left PRECISE instructions of what they had to do.

I have to provide evidence that we have visited, we have to get one college to assess her to 'admit' they can't meet her needs- so that they are more likely to get a funded placement somewhere. The whole thing sends me into a tizzy of panic. Then they don't even go to the first ones.

He's got no holiday left- so he won't be any help visiting, asking questions and helping me. The whole issue really panics me. I don't know what will happen to her if I can't get a good placement. I can't see her ever being able to work independantly and in turn that really means that I'll never be able to get full time work. They are talking about stopping dla and replacing it with another benefit. DLA wouldn't be enough for Emma to live on.

When we got back today- Holly had managed to get herself trapped in the toilet and then was rushing around in a mad panic because of the fireworks. She has her t shirt on now- and we've had to make her a tent to hide in. She managed to drop off to sleep and was snoring. She feels secure if she's in something dark where the fireworks can't find her. She is really fretting this year.


  1. Sounds like you've had an awful day today.
    I think those fireworks get louder and more dangerous each year.

  2. Oh dear, you sound so stressed. From what I've heard, even if they reassess and take away benefits,if you appeal, you are likely to get them back. I'm sure Emma needs them, she will get them. Don't give up.

  3. Oh Kim bless ((Hugs)) sounds like a really bad day.

    Our cats hide in a cupboard but fireworks continue and they are now out and on peter's lap feeling secure.

    I am sure things will work out for you and for Emma x

  4. Poor Holly, we also had tons of fireworks (even not finished yet) and Rhea isn't too happy. Another week to go...

  5. I love the look on meerkats faces :) Sorry to hear about your day.

  6. You have had a dreadful day Kim (((hugs)))

    I think Minty and Fudge have gone deaf, they haven't even raised their ears! Poor Holly.

  7. Hi Kim, what a shame and sometimes you just wish you could do things yourself don't you! I was witness to my youngest and my man trying to synch themselves to get lifts to town earlier and they both managed to turn what I had said to make it seem like the other was being too demanding.. Kids and men huh xx

  8. Like the meerkats but sorry about your stinky day.