Monday, 19 November 2012

Free Choice

One of Emma's countdown calendars- it's getting closer today so it doesn't seem so strange to be having to talk about it every morning. We have it every day for a few months. She's also keen to remind us what 'traditions' we've got to make sure are ready. She wants the same people to visit and the same food to be served. We have to drive the same route- EVERYTHING has to be the same!

I was really pleased with myself yesterday. My mum has wanted a Christmas tree that's like a proper 'branch' tree - with little petal lights on. We've seen them on sale for over 100 pound at the cheapest. I had a sale leaflet with a 6ft one for sale for 27 pound. We always try to buy something as a thank you for having us over Christmas- and I'm hoping this will be a nice version of what she wants.

My book club had a lovely selection of Christmassy books- so I'm all ready to get into the festive spirit now.


  1. Love your little teddy countdown.
    Well done for your mum !

  2. What a lovely pressie for your Mum. xx
    Great countdown, I made my Christmas puddings today, they are in 2 cook pots I have and cook for 13hrs!! so will be ready tomorrow am !
    Wonder what books you have chosen?

  3. great must be wrong though....really only 35 days!? yikes!

  4. Great little teddy countdown!
    Christmas spirit already feels to you. It is wonderful!

  5. Yes I think if you don't enjoy the prelide then it is lost once you go to bed on Christmas night! I plan to get my dresser and sitting room (artificial) tree done for Jordan's birthday on 5th. Zc comes home and cuts my holly just in time for Christmas Eve xx