Friday, 23 November 2012


I'm having trouble with reaching 100% capacity for my photos. It happened once before but I just deleted lots of photos! I downloaded photobucket earlier to have a go with that- but it keeps getting an error message importing photos from my facebook page. So not entirely sure why and need to look at that when I haven't got a screaming banshee howling in my ear. Em is not a happy bunny at the moment. We've ordered a sims 3 game for Christmas and she's stalking the postman. I ordered a duplicate game which hasn't helped matters much.

Amy has taken an interest in baking- and plans to make biscuits or cakes every week with Emma. It's the first time she's EVER shown an interest in involving Emma with everything- so needs encouraging. SHe's bought the entire bakery aisle in Tescos and has emptied one of my cupboards to fill with baking things. Last night she had a go at her first mince pies

It's been a much better day today than yesterday. Yesterday we had gales and one of the fence panels is down - so we can't let Holly out unaccompanied- and she's not keen on being observed!! Mum had to rescue some gnomes that fell off one of the stalls in the christmas market- and the stall holder didn't even say thanks!

It has been lovely borrowing a company car for the last few weeks. Not exactly sure why Guy has it- but it is nice and cosy on winter mornings. Last night it had to stay at work because someone needed to use it for company business. That's the way they use their company cars- the senior management have company cars- but if it's needed for company business whoever needs it takes the car. Anyway this morning it was really frosty and I was yearning for those heated car seats (how quickly you can get used to luxury)! We were in our (much older) car - and we were able to see the silver lining- as it has a heated front windscreen and it cleared much quicker than the newer one. So ready to go a lot quicker!!!!!!! Guy does like our car- although it's old it's a high end of it's year and lovely to drive. He keeps criticising little things about the newer posher car- as if to justify us having an older car!!!!!


  1. Hi Kim.
    Today I saw your comment on the blog of Anne.
    I understand the reason for your absence in the Susie Challenge.
    I hope you enjoy us next year -
    Our new home for 2013
    Lucky Snapping in 2013
    Nice weekend!

  2. Happy New Year!
    I wanted to write this many times. But I could not.
    Now I scream -
    We miss you!