Saturday, 27 October 2012


Work was hectic today- the christmas shopping rush has definately already started in Birmingham.

The heating at work is still broken- so they have industrial heaters trying to keep the place bearable. But with automatic doors- anyone approaching make them fly open. They were queueing round the block for Waterstone next door- to get a wrist band to come and queue again on Thursday to meet Olly Murs at a book signing. The temperatures dropped below freezing overnight - they were there with deckchairs, fleecy blankets and hats- but they must have been freezing. That's dedication for you. One customer came in and said that she and her daughter had the last 2 tickets to queue to get the wristbands! The girls behind them were still queueing on the off chance that they might change their mind.

Guy has been lent a company car to play with this weekend because they made the finance director redundant yesterday! Boys and their toys. I must admit it was lovely this morning- as it has heated seats. I've never been in a car with those this morning- and it was nice and toasty. Can see the attraction of that feature- if we ever manage to upgrade our elderly version. He's already said that we must go somewhere tomorrow in it. I do fancy going somewhere to try and capture some autumn colours before the leaves all completely drop.

I saw the word this morning- and wasn't sure what to take. Then on the way home from work we popped into Costco to get Holly some food. We have to have a little wander round- because there's always something interesting especially when they have their christmas stock in. I walked round and spotted these 'crooked' teapots!!!!!!!! I might even be able to pour a cup without spilling any using one of these!!


  1. Absolutely love these teapots. Rhea sends good luck wishes for tonight fireworks !!! xxx

  2. well spotted with the crooked teapots. I like the idea of heated car seats, its funny we so wanted a cd player in our new to us car (which we hardly use- the cd player that is), as we share the car i would like to program it so when its me driving, the seat automatically moves forward and all the mirrors to to my position :)

  3. What a fantastic find in Costco, did you buy one? Our car when it was fairly new 4 yrs ago, we found out didn't have a temp guage like our old car, do miss knowing the air temp first thing in the morning!!!

  4. Awesome teapots!
    / If I see any here, I will surely buy them./
    Congratulations for the great photo!