Sunday, 18 November 2012


There could only be one subject for playful. I did try to get her playing- but she was just a whirl flying past. Amy and I went christmas shopping this morning round the cheapy shops for filler ideas. We bought Holly a few new toys- unfortunately she was in the car when we met Guy and she KNEW that there were new toys. If bombs were made of dog toy material - Holly would be their 'ACE' dog. She'd smell it a mile off. So she had her face between the seats from the boot area looking all excited. Then she pranced down the garden path and up to the kitchen counters. So she had to have one of her new toys. Normally I try to buy her stuff when I meet my mum and she takes it back to her house. Holly goes totally bananas over a new toy smell. One year she opened ALL the presents under the tree looking to see if any of the others were ineresting or edible. She is like a bottle of pop over Christmas and holidays. She gets so excited. I did a pet scrapbook challenge where you had to put what your pets theme tune would be. Hers would be 'Don't stop me now because I'm having such a good time'- with the line I'm about to explode!
The only way I could get her photo was to ask her to go to her bed. We have finally got Holly back to normal after the fireworks- although she's still not happy to go outside. The other day the refuse collectors were throwing the bin bags in peoples front gardens and as soon as she heard those landing we had to head back home.

This is the first time I've remembered to take the fence in the daylight. The fuschia is still flowering like mad. It's been out almost constantly this year.

Books- I tend to use my kindle most of the time now. But Costco had a lovely Christnas collection that is being split up to go with people's pressies this year. Holly always buys everyone a book for Christmas- so 3 of us will be having one of these!

I found some really cute little christmas tins in Home Bargains today- they were less than 50p. They only had 3- but I thought I could make a little winter survival tin- with lipsil, tissues- and then drawing a blank- but looking for a jokey sort of idea! Then I decided they would look cute on the table as the table pressies. We usually make something to hold xmas chocs and a lottery ticket for my mum. So I am now on the lookout for more. It's the first time I've ever been in there. We got matching baubles- which we will fill with choccies.

I went looking for stocking filler pressie ideas for my mum and managed to get bags of stuff without much for her!!!


  1. Love the look in Holly's eyes !
    We put the Xmas presents below the tree only the night before and we don't put the girls' presents 'til the last minute or they would unwrap them too. Yes I loved your book. I pmed you on UKS long ago but I think you were on hols or may be the gremlins ate the message !

  2. It sounds like yo had a good day shopping. I like your idea about table pressies. I might copy you if that is ok.

    1. Viv- it's fun finding new ideas every year. It's always a little token. One year we had bookmarks- with a tear off page for each month, with a hot choc sachet and a little tag with someone curled up reading in a comfy chair- so we made a little holder with and attached the tag with ribbon. We also used that idea as thank you notes!

  3. Great ideas today Kim. I am hopeless at filler pressies, just hopeless, I am hoping to be a bit better this year :D xxx

  4. How refreshing to find someone like me that enjoys looking for small gifts for everyone, another challenge I guess!!You did very well today!

  5. Lots of playful doggies for this prompt

  6. well done on the christmas shopping and lovely photos