Friday, 9 November 2012


Emma is Christmas obsessed. She always has been (probably gets it from her mum). We were lucky that we got to keep the 'magic' of christmas alive for a lot longer than many children. Even when dh decided that it was time for her to know- she still refused to completely give up her belief!!! She's autistic- so routines are important to her. So Christmas Eve has to follow a set routine- we have to eat exactly the same things, hopefully have the same people over to visit, drive the same route over to my parents where we have to have a Chinese meal and a carrot cake from Costco.

This morning when we were getting her magazines they had the xmassy chocolates on offer- so I had to get some to help Santa along. I was pondering on the change in Christmasses when they were tiny. I remember Emma opening her stocking and carrying a tiny pair of socks around with her. We bought loads of pretty and cute things- but the socks were what caught her attention. Another year Amy wanted a yoyo for Christmas. That's ALL she asked for and even the department Santa said he was sure we could get something a bit bigger for her! It was the yoyo that she carried round with her.

I've been buying some stocking fillers as I go along- and thought I'd use it as the photo of the day as I'd just bought the choccies. It's interesting to see how the items change as they get older. Now we have to get things that they will use or need- because they think stockings are a bit childish. But Emma still sees that as a highlight. I also saw it as a highlight when Santa delivered a stocking for Guy and I a few yea- the thrill of opening one was STILL there. It's now a new tradition that everyone receives one and the fun is in getting things that they will use mixed with some fresh Christmas magic.

It's only 46 sleeps now- we've been on Christmas countdown since September with Emma. The first thing we used to do with a new calendar was add the counted back days from Christmas- so that we'd be able to answer her. She has a countdown ornament permanently in her room- it can only cope from 99 days though!

I'm off to Costco for lunch in a moment- and will enjoy looking at all their goodies afterwards!


  1. Its often the little things they like the most isnt it. Evie said she would like some wings this year so she can fly- dont think we will be able to get them.

  2. Yes, you can never tell what will be 'the' toy. Well done on the choccies, they look lovely. xx

  3. I think Christmas is always a great time when you are with children or people who enjoy it, so it gets you excited to buy nice little surprises in order to please them. My step Kids are now almost 20 and 16 but they are still excited by Xmas coming and the tree we will decorate ... and that's really nice to see.

  4. Christmas is a lovely time of year especially if you have children.

  5. Great ponderings, I too am busy buying 'adult' stocking fillers for the grown up kids, I guess I would love to get one too :)

  6. Peter made me a Christmas stocking once and managed to hang it on the bottom of the bed without me noticing. It was magical waking up and finding it on Christmas morning.