Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Dotty- this is my 'to do' notebook. It has various lists- things that need to be done that day, books I've seen mentioned that have to join my tbr list, xmas present list (i know!), the food I've managed to grab off my mum's xmas day shopping list. Yes my mum is a master list maker- which is where I got it from. She tends to buy for xmas as she goes along- so in order to stop her paying for everything I've had to cross half of her list off and put it on a list I'll be able to find when I get round to buying it! I have 'best' notebooks- but then one like this one that I don't mind writing lists in that can be crossed out as they are done. It's time for a new notebook for next year.
I'm already writing lists for the bits and pieces I have for the stockings. The girls have to have the same- as they all wake up in the same house and Santa can't be more generous to one! My sister and I also fill a stocking for my mum and dad and we need lists so that we don't buy the same things.

Bright- my toiletry bag is still hanging in the bathroom. Reminder to self- it really needs to be put away!!!!!!!

Paper- this could have been any of the vast scrapbooking store I have- but this is a selection of my favourite cookery books on the bookshelf.


  1. Love your dotty and your stripes !

  2. a good selection of cookery books :) love the notebook, I like to write lists its so fulfilling to be able to cross them off

  3. Another compulsive list writer here. The other night Peter commented how organised I am with my planning and lists. He didn't realise that without lists I am so scatty I wouldn't get anything done. For me all my lists are in my diary.

  4. I think all scrappers are list makers :) My DH hates lists!!

    Love your toilet bag xx

  5. I can't move with out a list either. I think we all have so much going on we'd forget everything if we didn't write things down.