Thursday, 15 November 2012



 I met my mum today and we had a wander around the German Christmas market. I love walking around before it gets too busy. We had lunch- fried mushrooms and potato with garlic sauce. Absolutely delicious!

It feels uplifting when the market arrives- everyone is happy, it's really pretty and it means that Christmas is on it's way.

All I bought today though- was my own present off my mum and dad. I bought a big bottle of my favourite perfume from Boots. They had a promotion on for 12 pound of points if you spent 50 pound. So I am building up my points to get another bottle of perfume. When the girls were little we used to buy all the toiletries and things from Boots and every year I'd have a bottle of perfume with my points!! I haven't had my perfume for a while- using cheaper options. A few weeks ago I tried the tester bottle and that was fatal because I had to have a bottle then! So I didn't manage to buy anyone elses present! I did buy a couple of stocking fillers for everyone.


  1. I used to love the Xmas market in Munich, it was really beautiful and everybody was drinking hot wine, that left a delicious smell everywhere. Missing that here. They tried doing one in Southampton but the prices are plain ridiculous.

  2. My perfume ran out mid-year as Ali decided to spray it until it was gone one day grrr.

    I love a xmas market :) xxx

  3. lovely picture and well done on the boots points :)

  4. LOL to Ali!!!!! I have a really expensive perfume Flowers by Kenzo and I have nearly finished my bottle too!