Wednesday, 14 November 2012


A great theme for us today- we actually managed to get to the open day of Guy's grandma's old house. It was wonderful to walk around and see what the new owners had done and what they'd changed and what had remained the same. Most of the inside of the house was visually stunning. Whether we'd have chosen what they'd chosen is a different matter. They had tartan carpet on the sweeping staircase- which didn't give the old house feel. The new bathroom was gorgeous. THe cellar looked like an old fashioned pub- it had working beer pumps and lots of 'drinking' displays, a snooker table and a snug area. It would be perfect in a small hotel. Not something I'd have chosen for me- but obviously the owners taste- even the log cabin had a billiard table in it. Guy was walking round- and a couple of elderly gentlemen were there to look at the architects work. One lived in another house by the architect and the other had travelled quite a distance just to see his work. One of the gentleman used to go to Guy's grandpa as his gp 50 years ago!

This really is my 'dream' home and a trip of great nostalgia for Guy today. This is the back view of the house and I remember sitting out here when visiting Grandma in the summer.

They have done a huge raised decking area outside the back of the house which I actually think takes away part of the garden's charm. We said that if we ever won the lottery that the decking would be removed- apart from maybe the one side. They had one area with picnic benches, comfy garden chairs, benches etc- which I would maybe keep!!!!!! But the more formal area has a covered table to eat outside and then a vast area of unused decking- that used to be gently sloping, tiered garden slopes with weathered stone steps.

This is the log cabin which will be my craft room!!!!!!!!! Lottery win permitting tonight!

Cellar- as the games room/bar/snug
One of the ensuites.

\The coach house.
Anyway- that was our trip down memory lane today. Guy's mum and his sister also managed to get over there before the viewing ended and thought exactly the same about the new decking area!
My other photo is suitable for thoughtful. We also went to view a college today. When I spoke to the dean I got a very positive feel about the place- even though it is currently subscribed and has a waiting list. She told me that they were looking at opening another placement. The college was dreamed and put into being by 2 parents who wanted a suitable place for their children. As such it is not a council run college. It is based in a rennovated farm house and if I could have pictured somewhere perfect in my mind for Emma to go- this is it. It's in a rural setting - the college is opposite fields with horses in. The staff were all pleasant and eager to speak to us. We were encouraged to see the young adults there- even the ones with 'challenging' behaviour- so we could judge whether this would be a fit for Emma. They also keep them until they are 25- which is unfortunately part of the problem. Once they get a place they aren't going to give it up. They only have 24 students.
She told us honestly that there probably wasn't much chance of us getting a place there- but we put her on their waiting list. If the new building is up and running by September Emma is no 8 on the waiting list- and as such would be guaranteed a place there. But she also told me if it was her child- she wouldn't keep her at home waiting for this placement to be available. But if she's in another place she'd be less likely to get a place here. We have to put it as first choice even though there is a chance we won't get a place. It is exactly what I want for Emma. It's given me a lot to think about- especially about the fight we'll have ahead to put Emma's case that she needs such a placement and about whether I keep her out of education until this place becomes available- or run the risk we settle for second best and then can't get her moved.!
Guy even knew one of the teaching assistants - he used to belong to the swimming club Amy swam at. He's always said that if he could think of anyone perfect for this work it would be this lad.
We now need to think of the best way to ensure that we get this place for Emma. It might even be against the connexions ladies advice. I've got to go and see the other specialist colleges and the other 'mainstream' colleges with units- just so I have seen and made a decision on them all.
Guy and I had a lovely evening out last night aswell. We went to an Italian restaurant called Pinnochio with a Groupon voucher and the food was delicious. I wasn't very adventurous but so glad I had my choices- stuffed mushrooms and lasagne. The lasagne was like nothing I'd ever tasted before! We finished off the evening by going to see the new James Bond film- Skyfall. I'm not a particular James Bond fan- but did really enjoy this one.


  1. I hope you win the lottery, its so nice being able to plan around a win :) Good luck with the college situation, not an easy decision to make. x

  2. Yes, good luck for the lottery, Kim !!!!

  3. That sounds like a lovely day Kim and you fitted such a lot in :)

    The house is beautiful. I agree about the decking.

    Good luck with the placement, it definitely sounds like a battle you have with making sure she gets the best. It should not be that way.

    I love the name Pinocchio for a restaurant and yes Skyfall was good wasn't it. xxx

  4. Gorgeous house, what a shame it has been turned into a pseudo pub!