Thursday, 8 November 2012


I've started having a new collection of Baking books delivered. Now we're up to issue 4 and I haven't actually cooked anything from one of them yet! Must put that right soon! The latest copies came with a dotty apron which would have been perfect the other day!

We recently had a conversation on facebook about comfort foods and Kathi said she loved rice pudding. Rice pudding is one of the things that I can't face- and I remember that one of my friends at school had to be my official rice pudding eater. We weren't allowed to leave any food. That friend posted back to say that I wasn't so keen to have an official eater for chocolate concrete with pink custard. Then this week a Birmingham poster posted a photo of chocolate concrete and my friend posted the recipe. Soooooo- think we'll try that this week!

8oz plain flour; 2 oz cocoa (can use flavoured chocolate drink); 4oz sugar; 4oz melted butter.................mix all dry ingredients then add melted butter and mix. Put into a greased 7" tin and cook on gas 3 for approx 45 mins. Dead easy.

I also saw a competition to win this on facebook- and for some reason it really appealed to me and made me want to try to make one. One of my friends has offered me a wire wreath. I have some wired ribbon from Costco already- I quite like this gingerbread version- but I have plenty of unused christmas ornaments that I was thinking of throwing out this year when the decorations come down. I might see if I have anything colour themed that I could try to make something similar!! I even went to the site to see how much they are - but at  $200 I don't think we'll be ordering one. They have lots of different ones- but I think we have some teddies dressed in ice blue- so mine  might be ice blue!!!! If it doesn't make this year- maybe next!!!!!!!!
I forgot to update how Guy got on at the hospital. He hasn't got a fracture- he's severely bruised the muscles around the bone in his lower leg. He should take a week off and completely rest- but it will probably take 6 weeks to heal completely. The examinations and x rays have made the pain worse at the moment. But I'm glad he went to get it xrayed just to rule out a hidden fracture. But he won't be taking a week off- as he's stressed enough about keeping on top of the work as it is. The director at work is off for a week and they haven't asked for the company car back yet- so we've got it for at least another week. There was talk that they might not send this one back- keep it for when the next person entitled to a car changes his. It is a complete novelty for us to have a newish car- at least for a while! Our neighbour thought it belonged to someone else and had been parking right up it's bumper thinking someone was parking near his house. We have another long term parked car outside our house and now having 2 cars to park- means one has to go across the road.


  1. I quite fancy that chocolate concrete :) The wreath is stunning isn't it, it is nearly as big as our house :)

    I have been domestic this morning too. xx

  2. I loved choc crunch at school without the pink custard...yuck!!! Saw the wreath on FB too, don't think I would know where to out it!!

  3. The wreath is beautiful ! I used to like cakes as comfort food, but it was at a time I could eat anything and not put on a gram. That dramatically changed, lol. My comfort food now is Brussels Sprouts, I think I talked about it one day on my blog ! xxx

  4. Thank you Kim, I just registered for the World Book Night ! xxx

  5. I like rice pudding as well and I also fancy trying the chocolate croncrete.
    I love that wreath. I have a smaller version I put together years ago and that is past ready for an update so I might try something "similar" this year