Thursday, 19 July 2012


The cupboards are intentionally bare- but luckily just enough cheese for a photograph. I love jacket potatoes with cheese. The Sweet Chilli Cheese spread is lovely aswell.

The clothes are ironed and packed for 3 of us- Amy hasn't done anything yet. My kindle is charged and ready.

Guy has had a better week than he feared at work. The problem has mainly been resolved- some parts had gone missing in transit which threatened to halt a production line. But they have managed to sort that. His boss leaves at lunchtime tomorrow- at which point everyone else will relax and go into holiday mode. He had to make 2 people redundant earlier this week- rather than the very last minute . His company used to make redundancies on Christmas Eve every year.

My neighbour wasn't a very popular man last night. He was still doing diy - including using an electric drill at midnight. If I could have been bothered to get out of bed and dressed I would have gone round and complained. He has 2 young kids- and not sure whether he waits until they've gone to sleep and they stay asleep. But he'd better not repeat it tonight. Or we'll be swapping bedrooms with Emma- and letting her wake them all up at 5am every day. My evil side thinks it might be a good idea to set my radio alarm for 4am whilst we are away!!!!!!! But their room is probably on the other side of the house anyway. One year when we had to be up at 3am to go on holiday- he was still scraping wallpaper at 2am.

The weather report suggests that summer is arriving on Saturday- and we're going to lassoo it and keep it captive in Cornwall!

So I probably won't be updating my blog for a couple of weeks. I hope to be able to find the theme for the day on my phone and might be able to update one or two to facebook.

Holly and I are both excited now! Holly is like a coiled spring. She knows that cases mean holidays - and she loves holidays! She normally packs a ball in the case. She gets a bit nervous when we pack the car to come home again- and usually lies on top of the pile of stuff waiting to go in the car. She's a rescue dog- and we always wonder whether she was abandoned when they went away. She definately shadows Guy on the last day- he's going nowhere without her..


  1. enjoy your hols! Nice cheese pics :)

  2. What a neighbour you have !!!
    I hope you get wonderful holidays with relaxing time and most of all a beautiful weather. See you at your return ! xxx

  3. How far into Cornwall are you coming? We are almost at the far end and although windy it is definitely getting sunnier.. x

    1. We're going to Perranporth, just outside Newquay. Lassoo the sun for us!

  4. Have a great time away and hope we do get the nice weather. Hope you manage to get the prompt, but if not you can always continue when you are home. Hope your neighbour behaves tonight...and I too like cheese with a jacket potato :)

  5. I love this cheese!
    Great pictures!
    Have a great time!