Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Normally this would be such an easy prompt here. We have more planes go past than buses. But we woke to a blanket of white sky and the planes were obviously flying above that. I heard a few rumble past- but couldn't see anything in the white sky. Then we had some delightfully seasonal torrential rain and I didn't want to take a camera out in that.

So I've had to wait until tonight before the sky looks pretty!

The birds have been going mad flying around tonight- maybe they had to sit and roost earlier and they are bored!!!!! But what a beautiful blue sky. Our neighbours son has just got back from Cornwall and said that the weather was quite nice- so fingers crossed that we'll see a few blue skies down there.!

These clouds were quite pretty- much prettier than when they are completely overpowering the sky.

A couple of signs that we are getting ready for a holiday and busy, busy. We had to buy new roof bars - as the old ones don't fit the new car. We've had them months- but of course nothing like leaving them until the last minute to fit!!!!!! We have to take a roof box- because I became used to overpacking when the girls were little. My dad used to take pushchairs etc down in his car- when we holidayed together. He had a very bad car accident a few years back- and we went out to buy a roofbox- so that he didn't need to drive down to Cornwall anymore. They used to travel with my sister. The past few years she's been poorly- so half of us travel down on the train. We had an estate car last year and managed to take everyone's luggage. The new car won't hold as much- so we are trying to pack light. We normally look like we are going for a month when we go somewhere for a weekend- so it's a struggle!!!!!

The holiday ironing waiting to be packed!!!

Three of us have clothes ironed and ready to pack. Amy 'ordered' her new clothes TODAY!!!!!! She is sooooooooo like her dad- leave everything until hours/days past the last minute!!!! We are usually practically all sitting in the car ready to leave before Amy starts getting ready. Amy's clothes might not even come in time. I bought her a top in Asda last night- but she couldn't look then! She is even ordering some from Asda!!!!

Guy is just leaving to go and say bye to his mum and dad. They are flying off to a wonderful holiday in Sri Lanka on Friday and staying in a nice hotel in London tomorrow. They have a packed itineary and it sounds like a dream holiday.  They are seeing elephants.

Next door are really busy fitting a new bathroom- and I'm getting really jealous that their bathroom will be finished within a week- and mine is coming up 18 months. Our old neighbours hadn't replaced anything in their house since it was built- so the new neighbours (well they've been in about 3 years!!!!!!!) have had a lot of work to do.


  1. lovely sky photos, shame you had to have the rain first. Hope you manage to pack light for the holiday and get everything done.

  2. Glad the birds arrived for a photo shoot tonight!

    Where are you going? Cornwall? and how long for?

    I can never pack light which is why a cruise from UK is wonderful :)

  3. It looks like you are going to have a great family holiday. When are you off?

  4. Lovely sky photos. Holidays ? How nice !!! x

  5. What a beautiful blue sky!
    Beautiful pictures! Feels like the excitement of the upcoming trip and holiday!
    I wish you great time, very pleasant experience and success!