Friday, 6 July 2012


It's absolutely pouring down with rain here- and we've been told to expect a months rainfall today. So I won't be venturing far today. Nothing in my house is particularly modern unfortunately- so I've included the thing that always springs to mind when I hear the word. Selfridges is an example of modern architecture and it sits alongside a gothic church- a very unusual pairing. Selfridge splits opinon- as it is so 'out there'. It's covered in thousands of metal discs that look like hub caps. From the other direction it can look like a whale (I think)- the windows look like eyes. I think it's quite iconic and although I rarely venture inside I would be tempted to have a coffee on their balcony on a sunny day. It's fairly empty in the photo as it was taken last Sunday at 6.20am!

The only modern thing I can think of in our house is my kindle. I have to say that it had an uphill struggle with me- I was positive I wouldn't like using it. But now that I have lots of new best sellers on it I actually find that I reach for it first and find it much more comfortable to read just before I go to sleep!


  1. That's a very beautiful building Kim. Yes I saw on TV this morning you have serious flood alerts where you live. Not too bad here yet. xxx

  2. Kim I have blogged about my Kindle and I too like reading in bed with it as I can enlarge the print and not wear my glasses!

    Not sure if I like modern buildings sitting next to very old architecture myself!!! It is an interesting building.

    Sorry that the rain continues so heavily with you :(

  3. It is a fantastic contrast between old and new. I hope you are not flooded out today.

  4. I love some new buildings but others I can leave. Form the photo selfridges looks good, maybe it is different in real life.

    1. I like the building- whether it's in the right place next to a gothic church is another matter!!!!!! It's a talking point- which I think is good for a building!

  5. That is a modern looking building isnt it. Hope the rain wasnt too bad.

  6. I think it looks great, and quite like it against the church.

    I hope there isn't any flooding for you :( I had heard that too.

  7. That's quite some building.. in Plymouth there is an old bombed out church but the new shopping centre behind it has a kind of wing effect behind it.. quite impressive x

  8. Wow that is interesting architecture for a supermarket!

  9. Excellent shot!
    That is a very beautiful building & fantastic contrast between old and new. Congratulations!
    Good luck!