Monday, 16 July 2012


 This is going to be a soppy post. I don't ever tell my hubby how special he is- how awful is that!!!! He's working so hard at the moment and is so stressed. He agreed to take a promotion on at work back in September. The payrise actually worked out to be miniscule- less than he expected. But the worse thing about it - is that they have been unable to recruit anyone to take over his old job. No one wants it- and no one can use the computer system that they use . So he's been carrying two jobs for nearly a year now. They have talked about him taking half of his old role on in addition to his new job permamently with a pay rise. But to be honest I think it is too much for him. He is dreading this week- because something has happened probably due to the stress they are all under- that needs to be sorted somehow before the factory goes into 'shutdown' summer break. He also has to make some people redundant at the end of the week. He is a genuinely nice man- and is stressing about that aswell. I wish I could make it all disappear- and wish that I had a better job so that he didn't feel it was all on him to shoulder. Emma is autistic- and whilst she is at school I might be able to find a job with more hours. But she has holidays and various appointments I need to attend- and childcare (although she's now adult) would be more than I earn, probably. So he feels the pressure because of that.

But 'most' of the time he's a really positive person - and he'll help anyone. He helped the old chair of the swimming club with his new swimming club at a gala on Saturday and he'd also agreed to pick me up after the theatre and take my friend home so that we could have a bottle of wine with our meal. He can totally miss things because they go over his head- so can really drive me mad at times. BUT I know that if I ever need him - he will be there. He doesn't always know the right words to say- he's not the best with flowery words. But if someone needs help - although I don't like to take him for granted I know he'll be there.

So he deserves to have hero status today!!!!!! He's the one on the floor in the photo with my cousin and uncle at a recent wedding.

I toyed with including two other people today- but I don't have photos of either.

My hubby's grandpa was a 'hero' in the true sense of the word. He was a doctor and during the war he advanced into 'dangerous' territory to treat and save some soldiers and was mentioned in dispatches. He was a lovely, unassuming man and wish I had a photo to show. But Guy's grandma never allowed anyone to spend time with him alone for some reason. So I never got to know him very well.

My friend also had some heroes of her own yesterday- but I wasn't there with my camera. Her oven exploded and caught fire and she had smoke everywhere. She had 2 fire engines attend - so lots of heroes there. Luckily no one was hurt and the insurance company are sending a cleaning company round and an assessor to see what needs replacing.


  1. Ahhh Kim, isn't it lovely we are all getting the chance to blog our memories and sometimes our every day gratefulness for things..some of these prompts have been fantastic for that,. just like yours today. I do hope Guy gets the recognition he deserves... K x

  2. Kim your hubby looks and sounds lovely and it is so nice to hear about him. I also could have talked about mine who is a fantastic hubby. We all have our secret heroes, isn't it nice to celebrate them ? xx

  3. aww bless... its true though, i am just as guilty of not telling my dh that he is special!

    i bet your friend's "heroes" were a sight and a half :D we had some fit firemen on our road when next door decided to set their garden on fire :D

  4. What you wrote is wonderful!
    /I needed more time for reading and late again ../

    I'm absolutely agree with you -

    ..he deserves to have hero status today!
    Congratulations and
    /I also agree with Anne - We all have our secret heroes.
    May they be safe and sound! Cheers!/

  5. You certainly have some heroes around you, Kim. congratulations.

  6. Kim hope you do read this as I am writing it today!
    Your blog bought tears to my eyes as read your lovely tribute to your husband , he definitely deserves hero status and Borqna says!
    Like father like son :) 2 good people xx

    Re Emma that I know is a burden of love as I was a Seco when I finished teaching with an interest in Autism so know where you are coming from!