Thursday, 5 July 2012


Empty- how did that happen?????? They were delicious- but I don't treat myself very often. I blame looking at the photos of Nickys Malteser cake!!!!!!

Dangerous- letting me loose in Birmingham with a credit card!!! I bought Emma's holiday clothes and underwear. I managed to get her 3 pairs of trousers for 5 pound each and a Hello Kitty t-shirt. I bought her a couple of pair of chinos. She can't get away with wearing anything more than once- so always needs new stuff before we go away.

Dirt- we hadn't planted a few of our bedding plants- so Guy put the Marigolds into the wall planter that we haven't used for a while! We're negotiating for a plant sitter- my mum's neighbour might water ours (if it's necessary!) whilst we are away.


  1. Kim something always eats our marigolds :(

    I too went on a shopping bing, photos tomorrow :)

  2. It's amazing how chocolates and sweets just disappear, there must be loads of them floating around in the ether somewhere.

  3. ar yes credit cards are dangerous, but sounds like you found some bargains...maltesers always seem to be empty very quickly when I am near them as well. You cant just have one can you.... :)

  4. ...mmm, not sure you'll need the plant carers .. not for watering that is! Have a nice time x

  5. No wonders this Malteser box is empty !!!!

  6. I like a lot of your suggestions! A good empty!
    It is said that a woman with money is as crazy + gun ...
    Just kidding!
    Have a nice day!