Sunday, 15 July 2012


I've always loved reading and this is the latest crop of library books. One of these should have gone back to the library yesterday- so I will have to pay a fine!!! I was at work all day and then straight onto the theatre- so had hoped someone else might take it back for me!!!!

Motion Blur
Afraid this is a cheat- as I didn't take this photo. I would have done but unfortunately wasn't allowed to!!! I went to see Dirty Dancing with my best friend last night and it was an absolutely fantastic show. It's one of my favourite films and judging by the audience- most of theirs aswell. People were singing along, joining in the dialogue and dancing away the whole way through. The atmosphere was absolutely electric. Groups of girls really dressed up dancing in their seats. The 2 girls infront of us danced along the whole way through- the gentleman next to them was really bemused. He offered to fan one girl in the interval to cool her down!!! I've never been to a show where the atmosphere was so charged. The dancing was absolutely amazing and the music is wonderful anyway. At the end - the lead male character strode through centre aisle past the audience and onto the stage for THAT final scene. When 'Baby' was in 'that' lift- the audience erupted. Not sure if it ever doesn't work- but the actress looked thrilled to have completed it!

I managed to find these photos from the show online. If anyone loves Dirty Dancing and gets the chance to catch this show touring- you won't be disappointed.
 The photos don't actually do the show justice- the lighting created beautiful backdrops and visually created the 'water' scenes which were spectacular. The staging was also great- rotating stage and the dancing platform became the bridge 'Baby' dances across.

We also went for a meal beforehand and bottle of wine- which was my birthday pressie to her. Her wonderful daughter organised it all and bought her ticket. She asked me if I'd go with her- and although I was a bit shocked at the ticket price I am soooo glad I went with the extravagence. It was paid for in February anyway- so well in the past!!!!!!!

These are the fuschia's busy flowering away in the garden at the moment. When we bought the house a lot of aunts and my mum's friends gave us cuttings or plants- and this is one of them.

The big hanging basket is still flowering away- the fuschias are in their prime at the  moment.

They are so pretty- and I know I've included this fuschia before- but it's still going strong.

I send my best wishes to Anne's dad. HE sounds a lot like my dad. He's only been in hospital once- but once he'd been there a day or two he just wanted to be home. He was all for pulling his drip out and marching out in his pj's.


  1. great photos, pleased you enjoyed dirty dancing and had a great night. I love to read books, but it takes me all my time to read one in 3 wks! love your collection though, hope the fine isnt too bad, we can renew online (if noone else wants it) which is really helpful.

  2. Sorry, a bit late on catching up.
    Great photos, Kim. I love the movie Dirty dancing. Glad you had a nice time !

  3. That sounds like a great night out Kim :) Love that film.

  4. Ahhh it does sound like you just loved it.. and sometimes that does us good doesn't it, to go along and then be really surprised at how good something is.. xx

  5. I love live shows but yes aren't they expensive!! Sounds like a brilliant night with your friend!

    I love to see other people's plants in their gardens, we too have fuschia like yours and they really are in flower early this year and are usually still flowering in the Autumn too!

    Like Helen, 1 book takes me at least 3 weeks unless it is sunny and I am reading outside all day!

  6. Congratulations for the wonderful post! All photos - yours and others are great!
    These flowers are called in our country - small earrings. I have not seen such - so very glad I saw them.
    Have a great sunny weather.

  7. glad you had such a great time at the show! they did say on the radio that it is fantastic.. but its good to hear it from ... errr... kim down the road :)

    love the flowers! my hanging baskets out front have erupted in colour! at least they seem to like this dreary weather..

    look at that pile of books.. that used to be in a different life.. to think that i still cannot bring myself to read a "proper" book.. shame about the late book though that would happen here fact i found a library book natty got out in january that needs to go back, no more trips to the library for her!