Sunday, 5 August 2012


We got back from our holidays last night and I'll try to catch up today and tomorrow. We had a lovely time with great weather - which was totally unexpected. Sadly I realised just how tough my dad is finding everything. He's got trouble with his feet and knees ontop of his neuropathy, diabetes and poor sight. He didn't want to go- but knew my mum wouldn't go without him. His blood sugar levels were all over the place and we had a time getting him back from a walk in the park one day. It's so sad to see how everything is so difficult for him- and because of that - for my mum too. She said she was frightened to go out with him on her own incase he became unable to walk. He is due to see someone about his feet- and came back to discover he'd missed his appointment on Friday! They are also considering operating on his knees to make it less painful to get about. So I found it quite upsetting really.

Anyway! What could I include for happiness- it surely has to go to some of the athletes from yesterday- what a fantastic time we are having. I am slightly ashamed that all these athletes are performing their hearts out- and up until the last couple of weeks- a lot of them were totally unknown to me!


We were travelling back on the train yesterday- and although it's not my favourite pastime no one was particularly angry. A small group of drunk lads kept everyone entertained for part of the journey (thankfully not too long- and thankfully not sitting opposite me). It started when they spotted someone reading the 50 Shades books. They recognised the book and started to chat about it- saying one lad had read page 56. He didn't know there were 3 books!
Anyway- when we got back- I wasn't angry but really disappointed that all our lovely hanging baskets suffered in the beautiful weather we had. We had organised a plant sitter- but because of the dreadful weather we had decided they would be able to fend for themselves. There was a cute little sign in a garden we visited, that proved prophetic!

Holly made the most of every single minute on holiday. She wanted to be outside all the time. Our flat was right on the beach and if we left the back door open - or sat outside she'd take herself over the bridge and onto the beach and into the little brook that she loves swimming in. The beach also has a man made swimming pool in Chapel Rock and she did a few lengths every morning. She thought she was Rebecca Adlington. Other dog owners used to watch her swimming her lengths in the morning and take a few photos. She really did find the holiday a real joy.

Everyone helped me think of something to take every day. This one was my sisters idea- and my niece found a deserted part of the beach to allow a photograph! Even Holly had a go!

This was one of the things I was really looking forward to- The Orbit Tower in the Olympic park. Our train was delayed on the way there due to point failures just outside Plymouth. We actually missed our time slot completely. But Guy decided to brave it out- and the queues were tiny. The first lady said we were a little bit late but they would probably let us on- the next ladies didn't look at the time slot. The volunteer in the lift was a complete bundle of joy. She was making it an experience like a Disney ride. She was dancing and singing when the doors opened- and the lift was certainly a faster way of travelling than the 431 steps down again!


Our day in London was absolutely fantastic and I've used it for a few of the Olympic words- cheating a bit but they seemed to fit with the theme and I didn't suffer with not taking a photo every day. We have over 1000 (if I'm honest probably approaching 2000 between us) over the holiday! We didn't even do that much this year- was a quiet, relaxing time on the whole!

I was really struck with the sense of National pride around the whole Olympic park- and loved this shot of the 2 elderley gentlemen displaying a stronger sense of National pride. People were dressed in Union Jacks and Olympic tshirts. A lot of the other nations were dressed in national dress or their flags. It was a real spectacle to see the pride in everyone. We were in a water polo match where the Hugarian fans went wild every time their team breathed.


The telly in the flat wasn't really good enough to capture one of the fantastic dives- so we went with my niece diving into the bowl of sweets for me. On holiday we tend to have the journey sweets out on the table once we get there - and they might have been refilled at least once!!!!!!


  1. So lovely to have you back Kim, have been wondering how you were getting on. Love your catch-up post, especially the pointing, Holly going for her swim and the olympic ones.
    What a heartbreak with your Dad, so hard to see that. xxx

  2. What a magnificent catch-up, Kim. Well done to Holly. I hope your dad will feel a bit better soon. xxx

  3. Good to see you back, Kim. It sounds like you had a lovely holiday. Sorry to hear about your dad, old age is a bummer isn't it. I'm sure the NHS will be able to do something for him.

  4. Ahhh Kim, although it sounds busy I am glad you found the holiday relaxing .. I also like the pride in our country people are showing, the media were in a put us down mode before the Olympics began I think.. and all too often the English flag reminds me of football, so it is nice to have so many Union Jacks the past few years. Tough days with your Dad but be happy you all spent time sharing days xx

  5. well done on the catch up, lovely to see you back. I love the garden notice, I could do with one for the house, lol.

  6. Great catch up, nice photos.