Wednesday, 24 October 2012

B/W Free Choice

I've fallen by the wayside again lately- just seems so much to do around here! The girls are on half term which usually means clearout sessions. I've been really brave and parcelled up another couple of boxes for the charity shops. We are now down to the books I think I WILL read one day. I have enough on my kindle to last about 4 years- so I need to be more ruthless. I still use the library for recent releases and biographies. But since I joined the ebook club - I have bought bundles of books and can now choose 4 books a month- and that will probably keep me in reading for the whole year without any extra books!!!

Next step is to try and prune some of my crafting supplies. I haven't crafted in so long. Last night a friend and I challenged each other to complete some sort of Christmas album this year- either December Daily or Shimelles Prompts. I usually get to Dec 17th with Shimelles prompts. Anyway I decided a  page for the worst present you ever received- but because hers came from her inlaws- she's doing the best pressie! The idea came from the Jenny Colgan competition on the Tescos book blog. You can try to win a Tiffany bracelet by telling them about your worst present.
Mine remains a green crochet poodle door stop from my great Aunt Bet- and I've always meant to do a scrapbook page for it. I found some images online and even a pattern to knit one. This version is a cuter version of mine- mine was more a charity shop lime green crochet version and definately NOT cute for a 12 year old. Up until that age I had a Rupert Annual every year- I really wish I'd kept those because they are worth a fortune now.
My great Aunt Bet was a wonderful woman. She married and lost her husband fairly young- but they lived in America for a while. When she got back- she was volunteered to look after the mum because she was on her own- which she did for the next however many years. She worked in a charity shop until her 80's , fell and broke her hip and unfortunately had to go into residential care then. Whilst she was there- she was always in the kitchen peeling potatoes and making tea for the poor old dears!!!!!!
But everyone had a present every year- either recycled from something she'd received or from the charity shop. I don't remember most of the presents I had when I was young- but we tend to remember hers! There was a light hearted competition to see who won the Aunty Bet competition each year. My poodle won that year. But you know what- I now wish I still had that poodle and I am soooooo tempted to ask my mum to knit me one for the memories!!!!!!
I also had a chat online with Michelle last night- as I've just discovered Pinterest and have pinned a few things to try or drool over. We've challenged each other to complete something off the boards! She's challenged me to make the apple cake and she's making teriaki chicken!
One of my best friends was in touch this morning. Her daughter has just left university. She's only had a couple of weeks of lectures- but has a close boyfriend and think she missed him too much. She wasn't settling, was really down and wasn't happy.
Right back into a bit more decluttering!


  1. lovely story. Our half term is next week, which fits in Halloween and Bonfire night quite nicely. I like to do my own version of a december album....must get caught up with my year album though (i am currently doing May DLO)! :)

  2. Love the story of Aunt Bet, she sounds like a character alright :) Good to see you posting. x

  3. Actually, I love the pink poodle, he looks fantastic, lol ! Beautiful Aunt Bet story ! I think we all have one ! xx

  4. Well done on you're decluttering. I love you're Aunt Bet story she sounds a remarkable old lady.

  5. Awhh yes, what a great story. I remember my mum thinking she had a job at the Day Centr she used to go to because she used to fold the teatowels and things!
    I don't think Uni is all it's cracked up to be, a few lectures a week afte school and college and so many holidays. If only kids could do them in a year or two, it would make much more motivational and financial sense..x

  6. Wonderful post!
    Great story for you Aunt Bet. I love this pink poodle! Black and white picture are also beautiful!
    Have a great day!