Monday, 15 October 2012


Another one from yesterday- as they are more picturesque than the ones at home.
I've been at work today and it was one of the line managers last day- so quite sad. They do move them around- so she could be back at some point. They are very short at work at the moment- which is why I'm doing some extra hours. I can't work as late as they need me to- but they had to recruit in from other branches today to keep the counter staffed! We've got 2 new starters to replace staff who've got new jobs- but it takes time to recruit and train them. They aren't allowed on the counter until they've done all the training and been on a course. Then they need to be trained on the till- which the customers don't like. We are going to have a very busy lead up to Christmas.

We;ve just watched Battersea and they said that a 12 year old dog is the equivalent of 84. It made us smile to think of an 84 year old racing round the park like Holly does! She is supposed to be taking a sedate lifestyle now- but I don't think we will ever change her. She loves to run and jump and chase and swim. I think it would be more cruel to stop her enjoying herself- than trying to keep her legs protected. But it's hard to know what we ought to do. She's definately not in pain or struggling since she started on her medication- but to improve her condition she is supposed to be taking 10 minute walks. If she's off the lead- you can't stop her chasing around or finding some water to jump in. She wants to play all day- she brings toys to you where ever you are in the house or garden. She thinks that is all everyone wants to do. It's who Holly is- so is Holly right- or is the vet!


  1. Great that Holly forgets to act her age.

  2. That's gorgeous door.
    I had the same problem with Rhea this morning as she took off to go and play with a puppy I hadn't spotted on time and I was running after her. It's a difficult call. What we to try to do is moderate her a bit but we still allow more than she should do, so she can have some fun. There is no point keeping her on lead to have her live longer,as life wouldn't be worth it for her. So we need to accept she is shortening her life a bit, but at least she is really happy.

  3. Better to be happy for Holly.

    Love the door x

  4. Really like that door - it's like a fairy tale.
    I am very glad of your posts and hope you have time on your blog.
    Wish you a successful business!

  5. They just don't seem to feel it do they, not like us at 84! ;-)