Friday, 12 October 2012


Hardwick Hall
  We had a lovely weekend visiting some old properties in Derbyshire.Old houses have always fascinated me. I could do with being a lottery winner- as I would love a nice sprawling house somewhere in the countryside. Obviously nothing on this scale- but somewhere with spare rooms for my books and scrapbooking stuff!

One of Amy's friends is studying architecture at Uni- and they had to spend 600 pound on the arty stuff she needs for the course.

Amy is really feeling the loss of Uni this year. Her friend is having a tough time settling- and I met my best friend today and her daughter is also struggling with the start of term somewhere away from home. She's missing her boyfriend terribly- and he's already been down to stay with her for a few days.

So in a way I'm glad Amy didn't go this year- as I think she'd have felt the same way. She's still struggling with her confidence issues and other issues at school. Something happened last week that I thought we should have gone into school about- but she was insistent that we didn't go in and that we would make matters worse. Whether she exagerated the issue or she really didn't want us wading in- I guess we'll never know. It's hard to know when you need them to stand on their own two feet- and when you still need to deal with issues, even though they are adult now. I wish she could find a bit of happiness- we can't seem to suggest anything to cheer her up at all.

Although I might just have found the answer today- I've been to the Cadburys staff shop with my friend. They sell discounted chocolate, Easter Eggs, promotional choccies (Olympic stuff this time), bags of flake pieces etc and stuff like Tassimo coffee pods, crisps etc. I bought Guy his mints and liquiorice allsorts that he keeps in his car, an Olympic mug with choccies for me (25p!)
Now if coming home to this little box full of calories doesn't make her smile!!!!!!!!! I've actually thought ahead and bought some mini bags of buttons, crunchies, Time Outs etc- for our Halloween Trick or Treaters- because I spent a fortune last year- and we almost ran out! So we have to keep this lot safe until the end of October. I have a feeling that the Cadbury's cream eggs might not make it that long- and I had a bag of Mini Cheddars for my lunch!
I've also just had a voucher for the ebook club I belong to- for one of my friends joining up. So I can pick another 5 books for my kindle- so a great day today. Choccies and books!!!! There are a few books that I have my eye on. I'm reading Summer with my Sister at the moment- and I've read a few 5* books this year.


  1. As you say, great day with chocs and books.
    I've never been to Hardwick Hall, it's beautiful. I share your love for old houses. I also find them fascinating due to their history and all the stories they could tell us. Waiting to go and pick up Bubbles but she only will be ready at 5. Rhea is walking around like a tiger in a cage, waiting for her to come back. xx

  2. looks a beautiful place to visit. Sounds like a great day for you too, enjoy choosing your books.

  3. Nice picture of Hardwick Hall, love old buildings

  4. Really lovely place!
    Congratulations on the publication!

  5. Great photo for architecture. LOL to all those sweet goodies!!