Sunday, 14 October 2012


We had a lovely day in Stratford Upon Avon today. A while ago we bought a groupon offer to go and visit the Shakespeare properties and the offer ran out next weekend- so we made the most of the good weather. We found out that the ticket means we can go back as many times as we want for the next 12 months. We will go and see Anne Hathaways cottage and Mary Ardens house on another day. We will probably visit the ones we saw today in the Spring or Summer to take photos in the garden, This one is Hams Hall- a mansion house. At the moment the top structure of the house is having to be supported by metal joists as all the woodwork on it needs to be treated or replaced.

This one is the street outside- all the streets in Stratford are wonderful.

One of the scculptures in the garden

Nash House/New Place. They are carrying out an archaelogical dig here and the archaeologist was an inspirational speaker. I love to see people who love their job. She was describing what they've found there- and that Birmingham Uni confirmed that they had discovered soil samples from an iron age settlement, They are digging in the spot where Shakespeares house once stood. The man who bought the property became sick of people knocking on the door and the government demanding that he pay a full tax on a property he only lived in for a  small part of the year- that he demolished the house! There is a mulberry tree in the garden that comes from a cutting of trees that once stood in the same grounds. The same man cut that down aswell. The archaeologists want to chop the tree down - so that they can dig around where it stands- but there is resistance and they've lost 2 appeals!

One of the water features by the River Avon. We had a lovely cup of coffee overlooking the river this morning- enjoying the sunshine.
I've wanted to see a gold post box ever since the first one was painted. Today- by chance we came across TWO! I don't know which athlete lives in Stratford- but I will look it up.

This is one of those living statues. Only this one walked around terrifying some of the female photographers who tried to take his photo!!!! He looks like the ghost of Shakespeare.

Shakespeares Birthplace- we saw the actual room where they presume Shakespeare was born. The property was originally a row of terraced houses- that they bought as their wealth grew. Inside there is a set of stairs that come from outside- and visitors used to be charged a penny to come up and see the room during his lifetime- and he'd go to collect his jar of pennies once a week!

Shakespeare Aloud! They performed sonnets and posed for photos with tourists.

We had a great day- enjoying the sunshine and a couple of coffee houses/cafes for Guy. He gets more like his dad every day!


  1. lovely photos. I went to statford upon avon with a school trip. The weather turned while we were there so we ended up having to stay the night.

  2. What a great post, Kim, I loved reading all about Shakespeare and all these houses are so beautiful. That's what England really looks like to me.
    As for Holly, I had to laugh, because my 2 are the same. Taking it easy is not part of their vocabulary ! xx

  3. Yes it sounds great, and Guy sounds fun too.. my Col isn't really a culture vulture and we don't get away often enough to get past just being lazy! But you sound like you loved it! x