Monday, 27 April 2015

Among a thousand stars- Jo Bartlett

What a treasure of a book. I'm so glad that I spotted this one on NetGalley.

Ashleigh and Stevie enjoy working together on some assignments for Glitz magazine. He's a stylist and she's a photographer. They have known each other a long time and are best friends and work well together. He's very flamboyant- but great to spend time with.

Their friendship comes across as really special and they look out for each other. They inhabit a different work/home life. Work is obviously surround by celebrities and it's wonderful to lose yourself in that sort of world for a while. There are also many scenes by the Kent seaside where Ashleigh has a home. . I could just imagine walking on the beach whilst I was reading.

They have an assignment to help boost the positive profile of one star and Ashleigh gets work offers when her stunning photography of the young star is published.

There are some really amusing and some really touching scenes as they negotiate through the 'glitzy' world of showbiz and some of the stars they come across.

Ashleigh is wounded on the romance stakes and when their boss shows interest, she's not sure whether there could ever be a future. There are lots of obstacles in their path and heartbreak aswell. But I loved the whole romantic journey that they negotiate. I really want to read more!

Various family relationships are shared and Ashleighs mum is very quirky and you can just imagine cringing when her latest escapade comes to life.

Jo Bartlett has a website and I was delighted to find that I will be able to devour more very soon!

With many thanks to SoVain Books and Net Galley for a copy of this book.

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