Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Girls on Tour- Nicola Doherty

Although I'd read the first three books in this series- I read through the whole collection in the Girls on Tour book.

Poppy,Lily, Maggie and Rachel enjoy some special trips both separately and together. They have a great girly trip to Rome and discover that you don't have to sightsee to take in the wonders of Rome- so that guidebook doesn't have to dictate a great holiday. Learning to relax in a beautiful city is just as important.

They have some important life decisions to make along the way, some disastrous relationships grind to a halt- others start and become important.

At the end they all meet in New York for a surprise event! That isn't the only surprise of the trip.

These are really easy to read, fun books, transporting you into the pages of another world. Travelling with familiar friends- empathising with the decisions they need to make and the heartache along the way.

Treat yourself to this one for a great summer read.

Many thanks to Net Galley for a copy of this great book.
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