Sunday, 3 May 2015

Coming Up Roses- Rachel Lucas

When her parents decide to go on a gap year in their retirement years they ask her to look after the house and get the garden in shape. After a traumatic break up- she relishes the chance to hide away in the little village. But eventually she realises that she needs friends around her. An unlikely friend comes in the form of the old gardener who looked after many of the village gardens.

She also makes 2 friends, Jo and Elaine. Elaine is the headmasters wife and Jo is a counsellor at the school. They are all looking for friends - so their friendship blossoms.

As she gets to grips with the garden she settles well into village life, even agreeing to go to local meetings and judging at the annual village show.

Are her friends as happy as they seem, is her new 'beau' everything he seems to be?

This was such a lovely read- you felt a part of the village and got to know all the locals. The characters are so well drawn, you can really imagine sitting down with a drink in the local 0r popping round for Coffee in Elaine's beautiful house and Martha Stewart lifestyle.

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