Friday, 24 April 2015

Game of Scones- Samantha Tonge

A perfect summer read which makes you want to escape to the little village of Taxos, which is set in Kos.

Pippa spent many happy childhood summers in Taxos where her parents own a home. She spent a lot of time with Nikos and loves his family like her own. After settling into a financial city job she hasn't been back in years.

Her boyfriend has arranged for them to spend three weeks there, with only a few business meetings on his behalf. It should be a blissful holiday. But is everything perfect- are they ready to take the next step in life.

When she returns she sees that the little village has been hit hard by the recession and things are difficult for the locals. They still greet her fondly and she tries to make plans to help boost this little town.

She is renowned for her scones - and just reading about all the different sorts she creates makes you really wish you could visit Pippa's pantry and settle down for the afternoon!

The description of Greek village life was lovely, all the businesses pulling together. It made it the type of place I would love to visit and the cast of characters would be great to meet as friends!

Well recommended as a holiday read to lose yourself in. If you are not jetting off this summer, settle down with A Game of Scones and you will feel as though you've had a great holiday in Taxos! Might inspire you to bake some scones- maybe in time to settle down to watch Wimbledon- with champagne and strawberries and enjoy your own staycation!

Many thanks to Carina Uk who never fail to deliver a great book and Net Galley for a copy of this book.

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