Wednesday, 27 August 2014

When I wasn't watching- Michelle Kelly

I have just received this one from Carina UK and Net Galley for a review. It is one of the best page turners that I have read in a long while. It pulls on the heartstrings of all mothers- just a split second not watching your little child and they have disappeared.

This was a real page turner. Eight years ago Lucy's little boy was murdered by a young teenager whilst he was playing in the garden. The Teenager has now been released under a new identity and she really wants to know where he is and what his new name is.

By chance her older son is brought back to the house by the original investigating officer after catching him trying to shoplift locally. They have a spark of attraction and a new relationship is kindled.

Another little boy goes missing and he is on that case- and they think the original lad has struck again. There is a race to find him and the relocated criminal before anything bad happens.

The relationships between Lucy and her elder son, the investigating officer and her ex husband are all fairly dramatic in the book and it is a great paced book.

I didn't see the twists and turns coming and will definately look for more by this author.

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