Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer Scavenger Hunt

I managed to get quite a few of the scavenger hunt photos on holiday

1- A sign welcoming people to your home town. I've used my 'holiday home'- it's where I'd live if I could afford to!
4. A group of tourists walking around St Michael's Mount

                                                       5- A rack of postcards in Port Isaac
8- A tattoo on a person. This one was proving a challenge. Then we sat on the sea front eating lunch and this man was sitting on the wall directly in front of us!

                                                          9- A bakery in Padstow

                                          11. A horn in the Perranporth Carnival
12- A mascot for a soft play area in the county- part of the carnival

15- A juggler. A bit of a cheat. We did see a juggler in the carnival- but by the time he got to our vantage point he stopped!
14- A parade at the carnival again.

 17- a lampost at the restaurant that we had coffees at in Port Isaac. it was next to the shop they use as the chemist shop in the series Doc Marten
                                       18- A waterfall in the middle of Perranporth boating lake
 19- A public garden- the park in Perranporth is very pretty. This part overlooks the boating lake

21- a photo of me with something that represents the season. Ice creams qualify in this category and this was a particularly delicious one. Chocolate and peanut butter crunch- from the Rick Stein place in Padstow.

The ones I still need to get-
2- a garden gnome
3. Birds on a wire
6. An urban street scene
7 . A rural landscape
10. A photo bomb
13. A sunrise (we tried to take one on our journey down- but they haven't really come out)
16. A sign in a language other than English
20. A bus with something painted on the side.


  1. wow- you are almost done! And it looks like the last photo could also be your photobomb!

  2. You're getting down your list really well and your photos are lovely. I hope you enjoyed your ice cream

  3. You're doing great. That tattoo is amazing!
    Thanks for linking up.

  4. Try #2 - Wow, you've really crossed a lot off your list! Love the ice cream photo