Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer days

Summer Shopping

I adore Cornish gift shops- especially ones with coastal theme mugs. Two more made their way home with me this year- and I was soooo tempted to buy a duplicate of my favourite mug incase Emma knocks the handle off again.

Summer Food

I look forward to one of these - eaten on the sea front. A treat especially when the weather is lovely.

This was a delicious ice cream from Rick Steins place in Padstow- chocolate peanut butter crunch!!!


Amy was out most evening trying to get the perfect sunset photos. Holly loves the early sunset- not so much when it goes dark

Colourful clothes
It is usually the Perranporth Carnival on the first Saturday of our holiday and we went along to take photos. Lots of colourful clothes here!

Summer Water- Holly particularly loves any sort of beach water- sea, rock pools etc- and we had some lovely photos of her. She really makes the most of her holidays..

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  1. Lovely pictures Kim, so glad you all had a great time.. thinking of Holly in the water, have you ever seen the underwater dog face pictures!