Thursday, 11 September 2014

Birthday celebrations


It was recently one of those BIG birthdays and we'd decided to have a weekend close to Guy's brother- so that we could enjoy a weekend away but also try to get to see the new grand niece- Scarlett Morgan.

We stopped in Ross on Wye for a picnic and had some beautiful weather. It really was a perfect weekend.

We'd booked a guest house in Symonds Yat where Guy went canoeing with his brother earlier in the year. Apparently they had planned to book me a trip canoeing- but I vetoed that!

The guest house had stunning views over the river and we could watch people on the river- and I actually wondered whether I could have managed a few hours canoeing! My reservations come from not even being able to row a rowing boat and not wanting to end up IN the river.

 We went to the top of Symonds yat- and this walkway goes across the road. It was a really pretty place.
 The views around- apparently you can see three counties from the vantage point. They have some RSPB staff at the top- as some falcons are nesting nearby,
 When we got back we went for a pleasure cruise on one of the pretty boats just by the guest house. We had a tub of ice cream sitting outside The Saracens Head whilst we were waiting.
Ian and Jane drove over to join us for a meal at The Saracen's Head. It was a bit more expensive than we are used to- but the food was absolutely stunning and the staff were really great. The manager was very friendly and chatty. Ian chose the cheeseboard - which looked very tasty and we did all get to share!

 At the end of the evening- Ian disappeared for a moment and came back with a game of scrabble! Apparently this pub has a games cupboard and the people in this section were playing cards and other games. It is absolutely years since I played scrabble and it's not my forte- but it was fun.

The next morning we decided to visit the butterfly farm. I was in a bit of a panic as we were due at Ian and Jane's at 1.30 and the ferry man suggested it was quite a walk. I get into a panic lately if I don't know where I am walking- something I need to work on- as I've stopped wanting to just walk!!!!!!! The ferry man had said that we needed to walk across 2 fields and we hadn't come across them. We stopped to ask someone- and it turned out that we were standing RIGHT outside!

We were there at the same time as  pack of cubs- and they were having a whale of a time feeding them and having the butterflies land on them.
 This was the ferryman on the way back. They move the ferry across the river using these ropes across the river.
                                                                          Guy on the ferry

We arrived at Ian and Jane's just a little after 1.30 and just before Rebecca and Ricky with baby Scarlett. Ian and Jane had done a lovely birthday lunch for us- complete with a helium balloon and pressies and cake.
Scarlett is a real sweetie- she felt so tiny. But she's about the weight my two were- so they must have been around the same size- they were a little bit 'taller'. I had her when she started to get hungry! Remember those days!

The second night we'd booked at The Yew Tree in Longhope. I'd booked the cheapest room I could find- so we weren't sure what to expect really. It was a very simple but nice and clean room and I think the bathroom was nicer than the first place.

 The next morning- after breakfast we decided to visit Croome Park on the way home. It's a recent addition to the National Trust family (in the 2000's) and they have lots of rennovations going on. They had to raise 4.5 million as a condition on taking on a long lease.

We got home and then got ready to go over to mum and dad's for a meal. Mum had decorated the house and got me a balloon!

                                                                Me and my balloon

 I tried pulled pork for the first time- but after all the food I'd eaten over the weekend I really struggled with this. It was a burger with pulled pork with barbecue sauce. It was delicious and may try it again when I haven't eaten all weekend!
                        Lemon meringue sundae was delicious and I'd definately try this one again!
                                               My delicious white chocolate birthday cake.

Amy made American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup on my birthday. Again- just one would probably have been enough!

One of my oldest school friends sent me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers- they had little crystals in the roses. It was a lovely surprise!!!!!!!

I also had this lovely bouquet from Jean and Graham- another surprise! She said she remembered writing my 7th birthday card. I used to love going to her house- and she also used to make me lemon meringues and crumbles!

                     Beckie bought me this lovely orchid- I need to make sure that I look after it.
 we went for our traditional Chinese buffet- Emma's favourite place. This was the sushi counter- we were the first people in.

Aswell as the lovely birthday lunch- Ian and Jane bought me this pretty clock and a huge box of Thorntons!

Amy bought me this pretty bracelet and a keyring with my date of Birth on
  I had these two books off Guy- the recipe book looks very tasty and the other one is the houses of the National Trust which might give us some ideas of the next places to visit.
Susan bought me lots of 50 items- I'd wanted a 50 mug!! There is a pretty black bracelet with a 50 charm and a survival kit which is cute!

    Adele bought me a lovely bookbandz diary and a crystal necklace. Two of my favourite things. I am lucky!
  Di sent me one of these infinity angel bracelets which I have had my eye on for a while!

I had a lovely heron for the garden when we visited Croome park- and he looks great in the one corner!

Then last night my friend Karen came round with Luke and Natalie. They'd bought a little hamper- with 2 great books, some panda socks , some of my favourite kiddies sweets and a bottle of Kava AND a ticket to go and see Paul Nicholas in a show! We had a chinese takeaway- so the rest of the week I think we need to go back to basic rations!

All in all it's not so bad being 50!

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  1. Happy Birthday, dear Kim!
    Happy anniversary - you look stunning!
    What a wonderful post - you've had amazing experiences!
    Lovely pictures, Kim!
    Many thanks for this virtual tour!
    Good luck!