Tuesday, 5 August 2014

I'm in love with Net Galley!

I am so pleased that I discovered NetGalley. I have been so lucky to get some preview books- including some by my favourite authors- and others that will now be joining that list! I get disappointed when I get turned down for some- but have more than enough to read on my shelves!

A place for Us- Harriet Evans
Martha is organising a huge party for her 80th birthday- the whole family has been invited. The invitation tells them all that something will be revealed at the party. There are plenty of family secrets- they are scattered in different corners of the world. They all wonder what the secret is. The chapters were all from the characters points of view and with a huge cast of characters this could be a little confusing at first. But the more I read- the more I wanted to know.

This was part one of four parts- and I was left desperate to read the remaining books in the series. I really want to know what has been kept secret and also that the lad responsible for the catering does a wonderful job.

Harriet Evans is one of my favourite authors and I am so looking forward to seeing the rest of this story unfurl.

                                                             The Girl who walked on Air- Emma Carroll
This was a charming story about a girl who was left with a circus as a baby and is desperate to become a show stopping act. She wants to walk the tightrope and practices secretly. She wonders why her mother never came to collect her.

I found the book a little slow starting- but am so glad that I persevered with it - as it really picked up.

Louie manages to stow away on a liner heading for the Niagara Falls where Mr Well Beloved has plans for a show stopping spectacle. She wants to save her friend and offer to go in his place. But are things as they seem and has she made a desperate mistake.

It gave the atmosphere of life in the circus in days gone by- and the spectacle of death defying tricks required to bring in audiences when rival companies are trying to capture the crowds attention

Cherry Red Summer- Carina Barstch

I received a copy of this for review by Net Galley.

This was a book about first love aimed at the YA market I think. Emely liked her best friends brother as a youngster- but after a misunderstanding they became estranged. When her friend moves into her brothers appartment they meet up again and she still feels a spark that she is desperate to ignore.

They go on a camping trip with several friends and discuss the past and realise that things didn't happen the way they both believed.

The characters were interesting and believable and their camping trip was described beautifully. You could imagine the tents and the tension and the passion flying around the site.

This book is a prequel and I presume the other book describes Elyas story more.

                                                       Sandpiper Island- Donna Kauffman
Ford works for a conservation project - ensuring that the breeding birds get the best chance at survival. He has constructed a WONDERFUL sounding tree house complex with living quarters, offices and 'sick bays' for the birds.

Dee runs the local diner that is in danger of closure because a yachting club wants the land it is built on. She receives an eviction notice and isn't sure where her future will lead her. She can't afford to take on the yachting club and local dignitaries- but she's built up a loyal customer base over 20 years and doesn't want to have to move.

After a brief relationship as youngsters Dee and Ford are struggling to deny their feelings and this book follows their new romance. She goes over to his tree house complex and helps save a fledgling puffin.

I absolutely loved the characters in the book and was willing them to get together and find a happy future for the diner. I will definately look for more books in this series and others by this author. They transport you to the beautiful setting. 
This is an author that will be joining my fave list- really loved this book.

Hello from The Gillespies- Monica McInerney

I received this book for review from NetGalley with many thanks.

This was a real treasure of a book. Angela has lived in the Australian outback with her husband Nick for over 30 years. It was a whirlwind romance and they've been really happy (or have they?). Every year she sends her Christmas email describing their perfect family life and all the wonderful things that have happened that year.

This year the email is not flowing. She daydreams and writes what she should be writing- the truth about what is happening to them all. Her children are all embroiled in situations that they'd rather keep secret, her son has an imaginery friend and her husband seems distant. What would have happened if she'd met her childhood sweetheart? The dream flows out on the email- and she means to hit delete.

An accident means that she leaves the email standing- and later her husband believing that he's helping sends it to all their family and friends.

I loved the characters- each child has a different problem, her best friend provides a lot of support.

She's been suffering headaches and is worried that she has something serious. Whilst she is off booking tests an accident means that she suffers amnesia and she doesn't remember who she is. She is living in her wonderful fantasy world.

The family all pull together round her and find a way through this situation.

I loved the description of life in the outback and wanted to book one of the staycations with them- as long as I picked a week when Aunt Cecelia wasn't visiting.

I highly recommend this one.

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