Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Books Galore

Love, Lies and Lemon Cake

What a fantastic book. It starts with Faye dreaming about being whisked off her feet by someone wonderful. She's been unhappily married for a long while. She had dreams of going travelling as a young girl- and finding her rucksack with a red dress she never got to wear, a list of things she wanted to do and a postcard of people dancing in New York she finally tells herself that women in their 40's still deserve to lead the sort of life they want.

Her boss and friend allows her to move in and the beautician provides some really comic moments.

She meets Dan in the local deli. He's Australian and provides a glimpse of the sort of adventure she always dreamed of. She starts buying lunch every day and there is a spark between them despite the age gap.

He is keen to tick off some of her 'goals' and they have some great times together.

It was a really heartwarming book that should serve as a reminder to us all- that if we have unfulfilled dreams that we can still make them happen

Touched- Joanna Briscoe
A chilling novella. Rowena and her husband move into the property next to his mothers home and they start to combine the two homes after moving the mum to a goddaughters. The house resists all attempts to change- spotting damp patches on new wallpaper and the walls almost impossible to knock down.

Eva who wanders aimlessly at times, disappears. It seems odd that the family aren't more concerned about her- but she is apparently a free spirit. They find a concealed room where the mum had obviously tried to recreate her youth with mementos.

Then another of Rowena's daughters goes missing. She has recently starred in a film in the village and the police investigate her disappearance more thoroughly.

Lots of secrets and intrigue and wondering where the story will go and what other chilling events may happen. I will look out for more by this author

Poppy Does Paris- Nicola Doherty
I absolutely loved this book- which is part of a series that I can't wait to read now! It would make a perfect beach read- really light and fun. 

Poppy is sent to Paris with one of her work colleagues, Charlie to sign a contract for one of their authors books. Is romance in the air- and with who? Poppy had been keen to have some no strings fun with Charlie- but Jonathan is proving very attractive.

The setting is described perfectly- you can imagine yourself enjoying the Parisian atmosphere and trying the delicious food along with them.

A completely new author to me- but I'm really keen to read more.

Home to Chicory Lane- Deborah Raney
Audrey and Grant are opening up their family home as a cosy bed and breakfast. The weekend before opening their daughter Landyn unexpectedly arrives with most of her belongings in a trailer. She's newly married and her husband isn't with her. They want to find out why she's turned up and how long she's likely to stay whilst they are stuggling to make the rooms pay for the major work they had done. Landyn husband wants to make it as an artist and had decided to take a studio in Brooklyn without asking his wife who was supporting them financially- meaning a 2 hour commute for her.

I loved the bed and breakfast and can imagine a series with further guests stories expanded and more about the family. A lovely story to read and I'd be keen to read more by this author.(
Call the Vet- Anna Birch

A lovely read about Anna's first year in veterinary practice in a lovely spot in Dorset. She is very nervous when one of her early encounters ends in disaster. She slowly gets used to the people and the work and regularly keeps in touch with the others she trained with who are dotted about the globe. She decides to visit one friend in Ethiopia to help with the programme they are running there and enjoys her time out there.

She meets the local ranger and enjoys getting to know him. She worries that he is cooling when she plans her trip to Ethiopia.
One of my favourite reads was this one- have read a lot of 'foody' books recently and this one really drew me in.
This was a lovely read. After having to resort to putting a few battered boxes of fondant fancies onto a cupcake stand- Marie vows to master this baking lark. She chooses her 'guru'- Mary Berry. Her neighbour Lucy always seems to make the perfect cake without hours of fretting and disasters.

Robert, Marie's husband is worried about losing his job and alongside Marie turns to baking- but chooses the more manly Paul Hollywood to emulate!

The book goes through the year marked by several baking adventures- including a spectacular wedding cake for her dental nurse that brings the two neighbours together in friendship.

I loved the way the story took us along with it- enjoying all the descriptive cake creations and the family turmoil.

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