Friday, 24 August 2012


After our holidays I always seem to get into a state where nothing seems to be getting done very fast. Probably because the girls are home and the routine is out of the window. It takes ages to get Emma out of the house- so by the time I've got anywhere I'm feeling ready to come home.

On holiday we noticed that Holly wasn't able to do things that she could do last year and it was a reminder that she's not a puppy anymore. Guy had to lift her out of the brook because they've built up the wall and she can't jump that high anymore. We knew we'd have to take her to the vets to see if she does have arthritis. Anyway at the weekend she wimpered with pain when Guy picke her and  we so worried about her. We got her booked into the vets and she said that she thought given her age and condition- she probably does have arthritis. We were to keep her quiet for a week- with 5 minute walks. Then to go back in 2 weeks to see if they can test her kidneys to see if she's strong enough to go on long term medication. She didn't suggest a scan or xray- so we'll need to talk about that next time.

She gave her some anti inflamatory medicine and she's started on joint medication and it's as if she's high on e numbers. I've looked up the side effects- but they suggest apathy! So although she's supposed to be resting - we are struggling to stop her jumping around. We're not sure whether she must have been in pain before and we couldn't tell - or whether she's had an injection of rocket fuel.

I've followed Anne's posts recently about Rhea and I totally understand the feeling.

Anyway- so that I don't get so far behind that I have to give up I'm trying to catch up again.

Amy's collection of footwear in the hall is growing!
The straight lines on a musical instrument at a bird sanctuary that we visited.
The Hollywood Star of fame we bought Kimberley for her birthday
Delicious ice cream- with a triangular cone ( I've got to catch up somehow!)
Holly enjoyed swimming in the pool on holiday- but it required teamwork to get her out. Someone had to squeak a toy and someone else had to corrall her in as she swam past. If she could win the lottery- she'd buy a property here!

                                      l the curved lines on this lily- so bright and pretty.
We have managed to get hold of some tickets for the paralympics in the Olympic Stadium. As high up as you can be- but a chance to see inside and to explore the park again for some more photos. The train tickets are booked and we're really looking forward for another day in London.


  1. Hope Holly improves on her medication. Nice catch up, esp the ice-cream!

  2. Poor Holly. Both Retrievers and German Shepperds are known for developing bad Arthritis and hips and legs problems.
    As of the meds, we had the same type of effect on Rhea long ago. Because they are in pain, they kind of refrain from doing too much stuff, even if they don't complain. But as soon as they are on a med that takes the pain away, they go nuts. 6 months ago, Rhea was running after squirrels 4 days after not being able to walk at all. It calms down after a while, though.
    Well all the best to Holly and hugs to you, I know you must worry, but there are very good meds around. The problem with Rhea is that she was born with some problems so it adds up. As far as I know it's not the case for Holly. xxx !

  3. sorry to hear about Holly.
    I love the lily with the droplets of water on, well done for the catch up.

  4. Great catch up Sorry to read about Holly

  5. Great catch-up Kim, I'm catching up, catching up, catching up!!!