Sunday, 5 August 2012

Photo scavenger hunt link up party

I managed to get quite a few of these taken on our holiday- although there are still a few tough ones to find!

We were lucky enough to spend a day in the Olympic Village in London and took a few there. I hope my outside staircase counts! It was outside - but had a safety cover.

                                                                            3. Border
There was a beautiful border of country flowers all along the walkway infront of the Olympic Stadium. They were stunning. We've had lots of rain in the early summer- and it was great for the flowers to be ready on schedule.

                                                                   19. Outdoor Staircase
We had tickets to go up the Orbit Tower and the views. from the top were stunning- even though we were there on a fairly cloudy day. You took a fast lift to the top- but the descent was via an outside staircase- 431 steps down.It might not look outdoor- but the mesh was there for safety I think- it was very high at the top. If it doesn't count I have a back up photo of the stairs to the flat above us on holiday- but they aren't very scenic!

21. Picture of me standing infront of something symbolises our nation.
Very rare photo of me- taken just for this challenge. Me infront of the Olympic stadium and the Orbit Tower.


  1. love the meadow flower border...I would like a garden big enough for a whole meadow of

  2. I love the contrats of the wild flowers and the modern building - that's a great picture Kim!

  3. Yeah for the photo of you! The wild flower meadows are something I've been reading about and wanting to go visit for years (since they were announced) looking forward to actually getting to visit in a few weeks.

  4. It looks fab. Well done on getting the photos.

  5. Great job! Thanks for joining the Hunt and linking up! I'll look forward to seeing what else you find.

  6. The flower border looks so nice up against the stadium. Oh my the thought of even going down those stairs makes my knees start knocking.