Sunday, 5 August 2012

Catch up

Catch up photos!

Matched Pair
My sister bought one of these meerkats for me whilst we were on holiday a couple of years ago- after she'd been poorly. Emma loved it- so bought one of her own. Last year- her bagwas full of these two characters- as they had to go on holiday again. This year I tried very hard to stop them going in the car- but she stuffed them under the coat she was carrying- and here they are again. Henry Higgins and Poppy. They also found a baby meerkat that came home with them! 

One of the hotels has an entertainment programme that includes a duckrace that takes part in the brook outside our flat. So we heard the 'crowd' and took a photo!

I wasn't really sure what to add for today- but got in amongst the giant thistles at the zoo to take one thistle flower.

Again- wasn't sure what to add. Being on holiday with 8 people involves an almost constant round of trips to the shops for new supplies! Today's purchase NINE toilet rolls! I did get some strange looks from the people on the beach!

                                                                           1, 2, 3
This is the call that tells us that the weekly duck race is taking place!!!!!!!!!! My money is on the big pink duck at the front!

There were some very cute little warthog babies at the zoo- all trying to get prime position next to mum. We watched this little group for ages.
My initial thought when I saw this word- was the sea, as it goes on forever. But whilst Holly was doing her daily laps in the beach pool I thought this looked like one of the posh infinity pools you see in the posh hotels! I do really love it in Perranporth.


I was hoping to see the Olympic flame- but it's only on view to those inside the arena. Luckily we could see it from the top of the Orbit tower. It also shows just how much work was going on to transform the arena from the opening ceremony into the track and field that have featured on telly. They were moving the flame into a new spot- and apparently it had a small private ceremony.

Guy has a much better shot of this- but can't find the cables for his camera and think they were downloaded onto his laptop anyway. I'm hoping to get his photos onto my laptop so that I can get some photos sorted and printed ready to scrap. I am even wondering whether I can get any of the web photos printed and do a complete Olympic scrapbook maybe. Costco tend to be quite hot on copyright though!!! These are the rings inside the Waterpolo. Unfortunately we didn't get to see the main rings on display.

                         A new feature in the gardens inside the zoo. We had a lovely day there.

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