Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I'm making a back to school resolution to try and keep up with my blogging and photos! I really don't know what's happened over the summer.

We had an absolutely fantastic day at the Paralympics yesterday and think I'll blog it seperately. It was a scorching day and I've got to include this poor mascot for something you wear!!!!! It was sooooo hot- he must have been sweltering! He definately drew the short straw.
The perfect quote for yesterday- The Orbit Tower has loads of twisted bits. We went up this tower back in July- but we would have had much better views yesterday. I must admit after the trek to the very top of the Olympic Park (row 74 of 75) I was glad I wasn't doing the additional 400 steps.
A catch up collage.
It includes a ribbon bow, slow tortoises, thorugh a window, out shopping. edible (party food), thriving lily, purple toy hamster wheel, my mum's ironing basket!
Holly is going to go on long term medication for her arthritis as it has helped a lot over the last couple of weeks. The vet insists that Holly must reduce her exercise- but also needs to cut a kilo!!!! She'd put on a kilo in a very short space of time. My parents are a bit guilty of being indulgent treat givers and Holly makes the most of it. So we need to be a bit stricter with the grandparents and find a fine line for Holly's exercise. Holly LIVES for chasing and catching balls and loves to run- the vet wants her to have a more sedate lifestyle. So have to decide how to make Holly AND the vet happy.


  1. I love your catch up, Kim. Great you had such a nice time at the paralympics.
    We had the same problem with Rhea, reduce exercise and track weight. She is on a very strict diet and she doesn't have an ounce of fat, thanks God, if not she would be in even more trouble. The heavier they are, the more their paws will hurt. Rhea is on a senior light food, may be you could do that too, it helps a lot. The biscuits we buy are all low fat and also what helps her is that she loves veggies, so she still can have a lot a lot of treats in form of raw carrots, celery, broccoli...
    I hope you find a middle way for Holly. Don't give in when she asks you with imploring eyes. I know the feeling, but it's really bad for them. xxx

  2. good luck with Holly. I love your pictures and the orbit looks great.

  3. Well done on the catch up kim and good luck with return to work too!!
    As for Holly, hopefully you train the DGP's and she enjoys being a vegetarian too :)

    Paralympic looked great and yes wasn't it hot yesterday, another lovely day here in SE England today too!!

    That was a late bedtime too!!

  4. Lovely catch up, Kim. How great to go to the paralymics. I love your photos of the Orbit Tower.