Thursday, 18 June 2015

Afternoon Tea at the Sunflower Cafe

I was so excited when my pre publication copy of Milly's book arrived. It's great being part of Team Milly.

I literally couldn't put this one down. I loved The Ladies who launch which was released on 1st June and introduced us to the Sunflower Cafe. I hope we hear more from Lady Muck and The Sunflower Cafe.

A group of disgruntled cleaners meet there once a month to air their problems and enjoy an afternoon tea. The owner closes especially for their meetings.

Connie discovers that her husband who owns Diamond Shine has been unfaithful over the last 24 years, she and the office manager vow to bankrupt his company and open their own rival one, Lady Muck.

The characters are all so well drawn that you fall in love with them AND the people they clean for. I loved Cheryl and her relationships with her clients. Astrid made me laugh out loud. Some of their stories pulled at the heartstrings, whilst others made you smile and cheer them on.

I was willing Connie on, to make a success of Lady Muck and leave her husband regretting losing her. She meets Brandon who is a chocolatier and wants to make her smile and enjoy chocolate again. Who could resist such a knight in shining armour? 

I finished this one sitting in the sunshine and was trying to make the last few pages last longer!!!!!! 

I loved that Team Milly were mentioned in the acknowledgements! Made me feel special for a moment!
The latest Milly is ALWAYS a treasure- I just wish I had more to catch up on. Hope the next one is already in production!

With many thanks to Milly and her publishers for an early copy of this book.


  1. Great review x

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