Wednesday, 3 June 2015

This week in books.

A new blog meme that I found whilst browsing! Something I must try and remember!

The books I've discovered this week! I absolutely loved Fairytale Beginnings. It really did have a magical feel about it- and who wouldn't want to live in a fairytale castle with a man like Cameron!

Milly Johnson released Ladies who launch and it felt like catching up with old friends and was a fantastic introduction to the Sunflower Cafe featuring in her new book that I can't wait to start! I thought I'd read it as soon as it landed on the mat- but have a few books I agreed to review.

One of those was The Lives between us by Theresa Rizzo. She'd seen one of my reviews and asked if  I'd be interested in reading her book. I am really enjoying it. It deals with stem cell research and I love the way the characters are drawn. It's really drawn me in - so will be really pleased to write a review for this one.

I have signed up for a couple of challenges- one is the Paperback Summer- to read some books off the bookshelf during June, July and August. As I read mainly on my kindle now- it's a great excuse to read some of those lovely books waiting for me on my bookshelf. I've set a  target of 12 and they will PROBABLY include these ones.

I won The Chateau on the lake on Adele's blog and can't wait to read that one, Summertime was won on Good Reads and is one of the Richard and Judy collection this year.

I also signed up to read 20 Summertime books- with either a summer theme, summer cover or summer title. This one might be more of a struggle to complete as I have so many books that I requested on Net Galley that it doesn't leave much chance to read those books at the back of the kindle. But I love summer time reads set at the coast- so we'll have to see how I cope with that one! I guess a couple in the photo above might count!

As soon as I finish The Lives between us I can start the book I've been waiting to read as soon as it arrived!

It's been great being a part of Team Milly- we've received the last two books before publication and now have a special group on facebook.

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  1. The books you've chosen for Paperback Summer look AMAZING! So many summery, cute titles in there! My mum read A Whiff of Scandal and thought it was hilarious. I also signed up for the challenge but am only on book 1 at the moment, I stupidly chose Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which is SO long itll probably take me all month haha! Great post :) xo