Monday, 1 June 2015

Fairytale beginnings- Holly Martin

Milly works for a Heritage company that take over certain buildings when the owners are struggling to maintain them. She is called to look over Clover Castle and falls in love with it's fairytale look. It has turrets and a moat and only needs to be painted pink to belong in a Disney film. She is also strongly attracted to the owner- even though they are both very wary with relationships.

Everyone in the village is against Cameron, as he had to let them go from working in the castle due to lack of funds.

Milly looks round the castle and tries to find out how old it is and whether her company is likely to be able to help Cameron.

After meeting some of the old ladies in the village she is roped into appearing in the summer festival and is told she needs to convince Cameron to take part- to heal the rift with the village.

I loved the characters- who wouldn't want a Cameron in their life!!!!!! The villagers were very cleverly drawn and the ghost made her appearances throughout. I was rooting for them to get together- through all the twists and turns and reservations they had at letting their heart rule their head.

The castle sounded absolutely beautiful and I'd love to stay there!

With many thanks to Bookoutre and their really charming library of books and Net Galley for the chance to read this one. It will stay with me for a long time. Really charming and romantic.

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