Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The little kiosk by the Sea- Jennifer Bohnet

This book was such a treasure. I loved every page and was so sad when it came to an end. I could quite happily return to Dartmouth to learn more about how the characters get on when the book ends.

Sabine and her brother run a kiosk that books boat trips - and it's under threat of closure. They are the hub of the community. Her best friend who she last saw 30 years ago suddenly turns back up in Dartmouth and they easily catch up with the lost years. But just why did she leave and why is she back.

I love the way that the stories entwine between the characters and you get family relationships being tested, romances trying to flourish and long lost secrets and hurt.

It was lovely to read about places I know well and it's made me want to revisit Dartmouth again!

Another winning book from Carina UK- with many thanks to them and Net Galley for a copy of this book. I was delighted to find that there are several more books by Jennifer Bohnet that I can catch up on.

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