Thursday, 10 July 2014

I've read some really good books from NetGalley this week. I went a bit mad 'requesting' books and now the ratio of the reviews to requested means I get turned down for some great books! So need to read like mad and try and get more reviews posted. 

What a wonderful book- I was transported to Sullivan's Island for the summer and could just imagine being cosy at SeaBreeze. Three siblings are invited to spend the summer at the family home by Mamaw, their grandma. All three of them are at some sort of crisis point in their life and look forward to the opportunity to let the relaxing charm around their childhood memories surround them and start the healing process. They look forward to getting to know each other better now they are grown.

Dora is getting divorced and also looks after her autistic boy, Nate. After a health scare, her sisters look into a dolphin therapy centre for Nate. The previous summer he'd loved spending time with a wild dolphin who suffered a bad accident that they feel responsible for. Nate needs to heal aswell. His aunt Carson agrees to take him on a road trip to Florida to give his mum a break and chance to recoup her strength. She soon realises that her nephew is far from easy to settle- but really enjoys the chance to learn what makes him happy.

Lucille has looked after the family for years and you can just imagine her bustling around the house creating delicious but healthy food for her 'new' charges.

It was a really charming journey through the pages- and luckily this is part of a trilogy so I have the third book to look forward to. It made me want to escape to SeaBreezes for a few weeks this summer
1 5* read for me.

I really enjoyed this book. Felicity writes children's books and she's a bit quirky. She's married to loyal, dependable Quinn. But she starts thinking about a 'rock star' she knew when she was 20. She keeps smelling things that remind her of people and transport her back in time. She worries she may be ill and books a doctors appointment that she misses. She decides that she needs to seek out her past love and the book deals with the fall out of her decisions, the hurt caused and the way she deals with her decisions.

I guessed part of the story line- but not everything turned out the way I expected. I loved the writing and can't wait to read more by this author. I would really recommend this book.
Another 5* read.

This was a lovely little book for animal lovers. Madison and Cooper help out at a local animal shelter that is always looking for fund raising ideas.

She and Cooper offer a local dog walking business and when she sees a neglected dog on their journeys they want to investigate- but all isn't what it seems. Alongside this they are investigating a possible dog fighting ring when they discover an abandoned dog in a very poorly state.

They get into some scrapes but it's a nice story to follow. A really charming part of the story was when Madison organised a puppy adoption party as her birthday treat. It is a heartwarming story of some children who choose to spend their free time with animal welfare on their minds.

I can see my daughter enjoying further books in this series.

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