Monday, 14 July 2014

Mairaed and Mike's wedding

We had an absolutely beautiful day at Mairaed and Mike's wedding on Saturday. It was held at Newhall Hotel and Spa and it was a gorgeous looking place. It has one of the biggest Moats apparently. Guy's mum is pictured here before we caught the bus to the cathedral.

They had organised a London Red Double Decker to take guests to the cathedral and back to the reception venue. I thought it would be great for a photo opp- so booked us onto that. It was really hot until it started going and then it was zipping along even though it's only a year younger than me! The groom and the best man were travelling to the cathedral this way and it was leaving in plenty of time to get them there before Mairaed. The lane up to the hotel was very long and very narrow and one of the houses was having some 'excavating' work done and the lady had left her car on the opposite side to the truck. She sauntered off to get her keys, then made the bus reverse because she wanted to reverse it onto her drive. Then it took some careful negotiation with the 'guide' and the driver to get it through the gap and avoid the larger branches on overhanging trees. We were sat at the front and could see how close the branch was. The driver joked afterwards that he just closed his eyes- but they did a great job as the turning cycle isn't great on the old buses. It requires the guide to stop oncoming traffic to get it out of some side roads! But by this time the groom must have been getting a little concerned that he was going to be late. But then it was speeding along the Aston Express way and making up some time. He got there about 10 mins before the ceremony was due to start.

Mairaed smiled ALL day long and looked so relaxed. She and her husband come across as totally besotted and in love with each other. She's a lovely girl and was one of our little bridesmaids when we got married.

Mairaed lost her mum when she was 13 and 'Grandma' had promised Chrissie that she would help bring the children up as her own. Their dad, who was a top consultant spent a lot of time away from home in third world countries helping during any holiday time he had and when he was retirement age. So Mairaed and Grandma share a very special bond. Mairaed is her 'favourite' and she was determined to be there even though she's in frail health and at the age of 97. The photographer must have captured some very special moments between them.

The little flower girls and page boys were her brothers children and they loved the bubbles and confetti outside the cathedral. Mairaed is ready to be showered in newly gathered confetti here!

The cathedral was absolutely beautiful. Mairaed and her husband are very involved with the church. His cousin was the bishop and the bishop that conducted the ceremony came out of retirement for the occasion and has known Mairaed since she was tiny. It felt like such a close family ceremony as they were known so well and obviously well loved. Her one brother gave her away, the other two also escorted her along the aisle. She had 'bridesmen' instead of grown up bridesmaid. It was a very emotional day- as she has lost both parents- her dad only last year. So one brother gave her away, one did a reading and one witnessed the certificate.

                                No expense spared at this wedding. She had a lovely Vintage car.
                                                         Arriving back at New Hall
 The big London bus in the background. I didn't see them taking any photos of them with the bus- but hope they did when they went off for photo ops.

The little flower girls had great fun gathering fir cones in the grounds.

                                                           Mairaed with her 'Bridesmen'
   My favourite of the group shots. One of the little flowergirls grabbed her cousin tightly and smiled!

A very touching part of the day. They had a photo frame of those not able to join the married couple in person on their very special day- but sure to be smiling down fondly. The brides parents and grandpa and the grooms dad. Mairaed and Mike gave very moving speeches mentioning their parents and the love they;d been shown. Mairaed got very emotional and her hubby gave her a comforting hug. It must have been so bittersweet for them both.

                                     Guy's mum greeting the bride at the entrance to the marquee.
                       It was Aiden and his son's birthday and they got him a lovely chocolate cake

                                                                    The first dance.

Guy and his brother Ian with Tricia. They are having a joint 50th birthday meal next Saturday- although Guy's birthday was in June and Ian's in August. They took Ian in when he was a teenager when he lost his parents and treat him as a son. He has a lovely family.

                                                          Ian and Jane are a lovely couple

                                                                       The Marquee

                                    The place settings were quite sweet- love hearts for everyone.


  1. Kim, what a wonderful day. Something you will remember for a long time to come.

  2. OMG - what a beauty! Excellent pictures!
    Great mood!