Saturday, 25 January 2014

Trying a New Recipe every week

We're trying to keep up with our 2014 challenges- so our life in 6 words includes- TRYING A NEW RECIPE EVERY WEEK.
Guy is joining in aswell- so we are a little bit ahead of schedule- but I know from past experience that we tend to fall by the wayside in a few weeks! So hoping 2014 is the year we keep trying new things. Tonight we tried Haggies, Neeps and Tatties - which is probably cheating as a new recipe because it's only really mashed swede and mashed potato! Holly knew it was something interesting before the packet was open- so it must have a really strong smell. We also tried Lemon Surprise pudding last night- this was a new recipe for a pudding that we used to love. We can't find the old recipe so keep trying to recreate it. We're not there yet- but more of the huge bag of lemons used up! We also watched  WhiteHouse Down last night- which was really good.

SMALL- these are Guatamalan Worry dolls. You are supposed to be able to tell each doll a worry and pop them under your pillow for them to magic that worry away. What a lovely thought that you could achieve that overnight whilst you sleep. It reminds me a little bit about the DreamCatcher we had to buy Amy when she was younger. She suffered a bout of nightmares and on holiday they have a lovely Native American shop and lots of different dreamcatchers. She liked the idea that they would catch the bad dreams and was most insistent that it worked!


  1. Good idea.. I keep wondering about an old recipe file I had..hoping I may find it when I get today. .still have rooms to sort from last year's room refurbs x

  2. I love trying new recipes. I get quite a few of mine off of Pinterest.

  3. Hope you enjoyed the Haggis. My cooking blog is full of new recipes if you are looking for inspiration

  4. the pudding sounds lovely , not sure about the haggis

  5. Love your new recipe a week idea, I am sure you can keep it up!!!

  6. I like your idea for new recipes./ But my men are traditionalists. I cook only what they like to eat. Too bad./
    I had not heard of these dolls. / Normal for me foreigner - smile! /

    1. We like trying different foods- although the girls are a bit picky! They sold these little dolls at our German Christmas market and they are so tiny they are cute!