Thursday, 23 January 2014

My life in so many words!

This one had me reaching into the far depths of my mind! There are so many things that make my life run and are really important.

In one word- it would have to be GUY! Unfortunately haven't been able to 'pin' him down for a photo- so will have to use the Learn Something New Page I used. We try to get away for our anniversary now and we spent the weekend in Derbyshire! We've been married 23 years now- and still glad that he's the one I 'found'!!!!!!
 In two words- My girls! Amy won't go any where near the camera- tried to get one of her today but she just dives for cover. So I've had to use my favourite photo from their baby days! This was only one of those supermarket shots- with someone holding onto their dresses at the back but they were always so happy it still make me smile when I look at it, Who says the baby days are the hardest!
 In three words- My best Friend! This is my mum. I would have included my dad aswell - but he can't manage shopping trips anymore. Everyone I know loves my mum- she is lovely! I have some very good friends- but if I ever had a problem I know this lovely lady would be there sorting it out.

in Four words- My lovely dog Holly!!!
She was definately the best £20 donation we ever made. She'd been in the dogs home for over 5 weeks when we took a little trip to see if they had any puppies. Guy had mentioned that he thought it would be a good idea to get a dog for Emma- and within a few days he found himself at the dogs home- don't let sleeping dogs lie and all that. Well we were sort of wanting a puppy- but in the first little room which had about 5 dogs, Guy couldn't draw himself away from this one. To tell the truth- I had already walked past her as  she was playing with one of the staff. Guy thought she'd be perfect for Em- because she was so playful. Once he'd seen Holly he didn't even want to look at any of the other dogs. The next day she came home with us and she's been the best source of canine devotion we could ever have. She goes to sit with Emma every night when she comes in whatever mood she's in. As I type now- Emma is screaming her head off- and Holly has leapt onto her settee and offered her paw to 'shut her up'. In just that little time- it's worked. She has such a marvellous effect on her mood swings. Just to look at her makes me smile. She's 12 or 13 now- but still thinks that she can leap up trees after squirrels in the park. She does have to take arthritis medicine and I'm sure the vet would probably have words to say if he saw her leaping up the trees- but we've taken the view that Holly has to live the sort of life she wants to lead as long as she's still able to!


  1. Oh Kim, what a lovely round up.. it's lovely to have a Mum who everyone loves and who can support you so much. I had a similar Mum and Col's Mum also lives beside us so I was very lucky to have support with 5 kids under 12..and all kids should grow up knowing the devotion of a dog (and a husband of course! ;-) )xx

  2. I love your post. All of the pictures match up so well with your words. The baby pictures of your daughters are adorable. You are so lucky to still have your mom around. I miss mine dearly. And your dog, is so sweet looking. We do love our pets don't we?

  3. Thank you very much for this wonderful post, dear Kim!

  4. Lovely post, Kim. Thank you for sharing some of your life

  5. Kim what a lovely blog today about your family and your Holly too. Do keep on blogging it will be such a wonderful diary in the future xxx