Monday, 20 January 2014


Haven't kept up with blogging the photos daily - so a bit of a catch up. Had some sort of bug this week that was like a cold but wiped me out in the early evening. So haven't been much company to anyone!

Inside the cupboard. This is Amy's baking cupboard- which sharees itself with the herbs and oils! She bought almost EVERYTHING in the baking aisles and think we've had 3 batches of cakes!

Inside the machine. This is our old faithful tumble dryer. We've been convinced that it's been on it's last legs for years- but it keeps on going. It's the oldest thing we have and it came free from a charity when Emma was small. They looked at 'needs' and stated that we needed to wash more than the average family did due to her needs at the time- and we got grants for various things including a new washing machine and tumble dryer, clothes, bedding and a holiday. It was a one off offer- but it was so lovely to receive something to make life easier.

Inside the house- Guy's contribution to the Christmas decorations is a poinsettia and we always have one on the kitchen windowsill. I tend to get bored with them when they hang around - but this one is still looking nice and healthy.

Inside my camera bag. Not a great shot really!

 Inside a building- this one is from back in October. it's the new Library in Birmingham- a Vertigo moment.
 INSIDE- my surprise inside. My dh made lemon curd yesterday and put it inside these jam jars! They look so nice and colourful and smells divine. I should have made them some little gingham covers and pretty labels!


  1. Excellent selection of photos - accurate hits.
    I like your poinsettia. The picture in the library is stunning!

  2. lol yup ive definitely been lonely this past week :D that's what you get for being my only friend... love your photos and amy should get baking, then we can have cake at our crafty date!! Oh gosh i was looking at that vertigo photo the other day and it still made stomach lurch, just looking at it..

  3. Love your photos this week xxx

    Great building shot LOVE it!!

    I have just thrown my poinsetta out, I am fed up of it and just bought some lovely roses to take it's place today:)

  4. I missed these Kim..and lovely pictures to find..I always fancy lemon curd but very rarely eat it x