Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year- photo challenges and 52 new recipes

I am also trying to take part in 3 different photo challenges- it will be nice to try and catch up with everyone- but some photos may be for more than one challenge!

I saw a challenge to set 14 challenges in 2014 and I've made a start on thinking about those
1.52 new recipes
2. Keep up with daily photography challenges
3, Read 110 books in 2014
4. Read 20 books off the bookshelf
5. Go to a different style restaurant once a month again.
6. 50 new scrapbook layouts (a bit ambitious I think)
7. Declutter and organise scrapping supplies AGAIN
8. Decluter loft

 Will try to think of more this week.

Jan 1
1. Lunch and Food (FMS and Lucky 7)

Lunch at mum and dad's on New Years Day. Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding and Lemon meringue pie and Christmas pud

1- Gives me hope

A new year brings a blank canvas- hopes for some wonderful new days, experiences even new little people arriving! Guy's nephew has a baby arriving around May 4th- which will be the first new baby in the family for 17 years.

2. Colourful and Drink!

The little teapot my inlaws bought for me on the first day of Emma's new college. It brightens up the morning and my favourite mug which featured in the original 365 challenge. It is the mark 2 mind you!

2. Guatamalan worry dolls (G)
I need to find these to take their photo for FMS today.


  1. Happy New year!
    / I managed to get into your blog through your comment in the new challenge - Lucky 7's in 2014 /
    I like your to-do list for the new year. Wish you success!
    Congratulations for the pictures!

  2. I have the declutter on my list as well for this year, actually every year!!! Love that teapot so cute. x

  3. What an ambitious list. I'm going to do a lot of decluttering myself. And we'll be trying some new recipes this year ourselves.

  4. Sounds like it is going to be a busy year. Good luck!

  5. Got in through your profile thanks Kim x I don't think I am up to two or three challenges but hats off to those of us who are!