Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Negative space

I know this isn't what was meant by Negative space. But there are various 'negative spaces' in our house that need desperate attention. I've been trying to strip the stairs wallpaper for ages- but it's not giving up without a fight. It's had years of paint over the top of  the paper and the top layer does not want to come off. So I have spells where I try to make an impression and then as it's not my favourite diy job- I give up again. For me it's a negative space- because every time I go up the stairs it screams 'failure'!!!! It needs brightening up and a nice new carpet. Anyway- this week Guy has finally decided he would paint it- and he's realising that the stripping the paper is actually hard work- but because he's decided it's getting done he's achieved more than I have in ages!!!!!!! We've even been out to pick paint colours. Unfortunately we don't agree on colours. I liked some - but he was looking at the other end of the spectrum. Unfortunately I have to agree with him that it needs a very pale colour as terraced houses don't let a lot of light in - in a confined space. I fancy a 'coffee' range- what we've bought testers for is basically magnolia with another name! Once it's painted we can look for a nice new carpet and it will finally be somewhere that won't make me cringe!

I have also been trying to get somewhere painting the outside masonry. Most of the houses have been painted cream. Ours has always been the original pebbledash. I did paint the garage and the front of the house- as that is only below the faschia boards. But that also is a nightmare job- as the paintbrushes don't go into the little pebbles easily. I started the job- but it's taking forever and I'm wishing I hadn't started. Every little patch takes me ages- so I am trying to aim for about 30 mins a day. We are going to have to get someone in to paint the top half and it would probably make more sense to get them to do the lot.
Ground level- the garden is also under 'planning stage'. I wanted a pebble border done over the summer - but it didn't get past the planning stage. But last weekend Guy dug out the flower beds- which should make it easier to start this!!!!!!! It's made the fence panel that was never painted due to shrubs, glaringy needing some treatment!!!!!!


  1. Thank you for your kind words Kim. I hope everything turns out good for your dad. It's such a worry when we see them aging, isn't it? xxx

  2. Kim welcome back, lovely to read your blogging, sounds the same as most of us with DIY :)

  3. Oh gosh that rings a bell with me, the bits you avoid looking at! xx

  4. there is always a job to do isnt there...we have plenty of jobs like that to do, sounds like you are getting there though and good luck with agreeing on the paint

  5. Thank you for your kind words, Kim.
    What a delightful for reading. It's great when home repair - change - refreshes. Even the air in the house change.
    Colors are very important.
    I wish you success!

  6. It looks like you have lots to do around the house and garden and you will get it done, but of course not tomorrow. It will look fantastic when it is all finished